Creating content that is unique and relevant to your business and will drive traffic to your site is an important part of any business’ marketing strategy. You want to create quality content that people will appreciate and keep coming back to over and over. This type of content is called evergreen content.

This article will discuss what evergreen content is, why it’s important for your business, how your businesses can create and incorporate evergreen content into their marketing strategy. 

What is Evergreen Content?

While you may have never heard of the term evergreen content, you surely have browsed the internet and came across some examples of it before. So, what exactly is it? Evergreen content is simply relevant, quality content that will continue to be relevant even years after it’s posted. The type of content that you keep coming back to and referencing time and time again. 

This type of valuable content can include actionable tips, how-to guides, case studies, resources and tools, everything you need to know about a niche, infographics, lists and more. Avoid time-sensitive subject matters such as seasonal content or content related to a specific date. The more information you can provide to your viewers the better. People like having all the information they need to know at the tip of their fingers. 

While this may seem challenging for businesses that need to constantly update their site to show no longer available or new inventory, such as a car dealership site or an online furniture store, there are other places they can house evergreen content. For example, Audi Bellevue has all of their current inventory on their site, but also hosts articles on their site that will remain helpful to readers, such as an “Audi Wiper Blade Replacement Guide”.

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When creating evergreen content ask yourself if it will still be relevant in a year or two. Of course, it may need to minor updates from time to time depending on your industry trends, but evergreen content is timeless. Remember to think long-term when creating these types of pieces. 

Why Evergreen Content is Important for Your Website

If you’re creating a high-quality post, chances are you’ve taken the time to optimize it for it to rank higher in search engines. Because of the quality content and its relevancy, it will continue to move its way up on search engines. Evergreen content is never outdated, so search engines will continue to view it as valuable. Which brings us to our next point, higher rankings in search engines means higher website traffic. When your content remains relevant, people will keep coming back to it, which means a high volume of eyes will see it even after you’ve published it. The higher you rank in search engines, the more traffic your content and website will receive, which will lead to more potential leads. Creating great content can always generate leads, but evergreen content will continue to bring in leads over time. Think of it as a piece of content that keeps on giving. Since it will continue to remain relevant, people will continue to search for it, link to it and share it. 

How to Create Evergreen Content

So now that we know what evergreen content is and why it’s important, let’s dive into how you can create your own evergreen content that will continue to drive organic traffic to your business. When thinking of topics of focus to create content around, make sure you’re coming up with ideas that are relevant to your specific industry. There will always be multiple versions of a topic, so it’s up to you to put a unique spin on it. 

First things first, brainstorm topics you want to center your content around. Focus on topics that are niche-specific and receive consistent traffic. Do keyword research for that topic and see what keywords you will be able to rank for. Again, when looking up keywords, make sure the topic you are searching for has a high search volume over a long period of time. 

After you’ve decided on a topic, you need to figure out what angle you are going to take that will make readers read your content over others. Once you start creating the content, whether that be an article or infographic, make sure the content is of high-quality. High-quality content is easy to read, provides useful advice or tips, is interesting and provides readers with actionable takeaways. 

For example, let’s look at this hiring process checklist infographic created by ShareAble for Hires. 

For starters, this is a handy guide for employers that will always remain relevant, and the title and content don’t include any jargon that will go out of date. Since it’s an infographic, it’s a piece of content that websites can easily integrate into their blog posts.