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Expert Connexions Episode 2: How to Take Risks Safely in Your Business

We’ve all heard the saying — no risk, no reward. But easier said than done! The pandemic is an example of a pure risk no one could control — like a tornado or flood. Other risks — operational, financial, or strategic — come with some big decisions to weigh.

On this episode of Expert Connexions, our Marketing Connexions experts, Jesse Flores of SuperWebPros, Tim Haines of Symposia Labs and Paul Schmidt from Uno Deuce Multimedia talk about risk tolerance, testing your digital marketing strategies and knowing when to hire professionals.

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Guest Blog: Local SEO For Startups Looking to Fuel Growth in the First Year

Search engine optimization is the foundation of every successful content marketing strategy. Content marketing to startups is the same as electricity to a Tesla: you can’t propel forward without it. It’s the key to increasing your online influence and attracting more traffic from search engines.

Traditional search engine optimization differs significantly from local SEO and is specifically targeting a geographic area. For location-specific businesses and geographic lead generation, strategic and effective deployment of local SEO strategies should be at the core of your marketing efforts.

According to Hubspot, 72% of consumers visited a brick-and-mortar store within five miles of their location after searching online.[1] If you’re a community-focused business with a local […]