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EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Attorney’s Inspiring Journey: Overcoming Infertility & Empowering Others

The journey of infertility is is a deeply personal and often painful experience for women and men.

We recently highlighted the story of an expert — an attorney who now devotes part of her practice to helping families navigate this journey — because of her own deep connection.

Jennifer Montasir chose the route of surrogacy. Today, as we wrap up our special mini-series segment on Expert Connexions highlighting National Women’s Health week, we want to do something a little different.

This whole series has been out of our norm — so why stop there?!

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CLIENT STORY: Michigan Disability Rights Coalition – Leadership Engagement & Advocacy Development

The LEAD program is an important subset of the programs that the Michigan Disability Rights Coalition offers specifically to the BIPOC community. It provides increased access to disability education and resources to account for the significance of institutionalized oppression and white supremacy on their outcomes. For more on MDRC:

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