The 21st century; what are a profitable market! The millennials represent a significant opportunity for marketers.

However, the millennial market is hard to connect with. As opposed to the traditional market, the millennial market is dominated by changed buying habits.

To sway up this difficult crowd, we have compiled some marketing tips essential to win over the millennials.

1. Make use of Instagram

Instagram is a marketing tool which has magically evolved in the 21st century. The millennials have embraced it as one of the greatest e-commerce platforms.

Recently, this platform has massively grown to offer big marketing force to current the generation.

For those companies who want to connect with this generation, media presence is the badge of acceptance. Instagram offers brand education, awareness and purchase options for the current market.

2. Optimize your social media content

Companies who want to win over millennials mostly connect with them via social media. This strategy is made more effective by the use of SEO. Optimizing your content is critical, as this will give it the opportunity to draw massive traffic. Short brief optimized pieces tend to well in attracting traffic.

3. Focus on customer reviews

The millennial is a crowd that would read up to ten reviews before settling on your brand. Online reviews not only influence buyers but also make your content rank high in Google search engines. If you want to convince the millennial, you have to get the best positive reviews-through offering best services.

To leverage this, you will have to solicit feedback. Ensure that you ask for reviews from your customers. Additionally, ensure that you respond to both positive and negative reviews. Even negative reviews? Yes.  Simple follow-up or acknowledging the feedback helps you make the millennials feel heard, humanizing your brand and building trust for your business.

What about negative reviews?

Wow! As cynical as it sounds, a negative review offers a big selling opportunity. You know, people like negative comments. When they converge to react to the review, ensure that you humbly respond to the review, but focus on the catch- selling your brand.

4. Appeal to their values

Millennial purchasing habits come aligned with their social identity and their memorable experiences. This means that brands that appeal to their values will definitely go on top. Why? Well, it serves their appetite.

5. Use their insight to innovate the product

For marketers who want to connect with millennials, they have to investigate their lifestyle, interests, and passions. On determining what’s important to them, and probably their unmet need, the marketers should then try to use their findings into designing their products.