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EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Digital Evolution and the Lasting Impact of Pandemic Marketing

Remember when “Work From Home” was a new and somewhat rare concept? Or when livestream and virtual events were still barely being implemented? Today, it’s almost hard to separate ourselves and the “new normal” from these trends that had a pandemic birth.

Today on Expert Connexions, we’re traveling back in time a bit to revisit a previously unaired episode with expert marketing guests Jesse Flores, Paul Schmidt, and Tim Haines discussing pandemic marketing.

It’s fascinating to hear where we were then as compared to where we are now, to note both the similar and different struggles small businesses are having, and to look forward into the continuously evolving digital landscape with the addition of technologies like AI that have seen serious growth coming out of the pandemic!

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EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Artificial Intelligence: Creating Your Own Custom GPT!

The time has come when anyone, even you, can have your own personal assistant–or even a personal assistant for multiple aspects of your life at the same time, thanks to Custom GPT programs using AI! Who doesn’t want to save hours a week by spending only $20 a month on a program that can be just as customized to YOUR needs as a personal fitness coach, scheduler, account manager, or whatever else you can dream up!

Today on Expert Connexions, follow along as our guest, Scott Remington, walks us through the creation of a custom fitness program using Chat GPT, and learn how you can quickly and easily set yourself up for greater efficiency and ultimate success in both business endeavors and personal life.
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EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Startup Stories: Attire

Today on Expert Connexions, we bring our Lansing Regional SmartZone Startups Series to a close with this inspiring episode featuring Kaylin Goddard, founder of Attire.

Say goodbye to decision fatigue when it comes to your wardrobe – Attire is here to alter the narrative of personal fashion with unique technology that will catalog your closet and refresh your morning routine with new ways to wear old pieces.

Tune in today to hear key insights on:
Fashion struggles shared around the world–which you will probably resonate with more than you realize!
What it’s like to be a young, female founder in the startup world today.
Bootstrapping a business and creating a tech company as a non-coder.
Sustainability in the fashion industry, including some shocking statistics!

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Learn more about Attire:

EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Tech Trends: From Cybersecurity to AI

Are you prepared to defend your business against a cybersecurity threat?

To most people, a cyberattack sounds like an impossibility — one of those, “certainly, this would never happen to my business,” concepts… until it does, and the results could be as devastating to your work as a hurricane to a city. In today’s digital landscape, the possibility of a cyberattack is not a matter of if, but when.

On today’s show, expert Chad Paalman of NuWave Technology Partners shares key insights on fortifying your technological defenses and why procrastination is not an option!

Plus, you’ll want to make sure to catch the entire episode to hear our discussion shift to the opposite end of the spectrum from tech and AI to something entirely human — managing and prioritizing personal wellness and relationships amidst the entrepreneurial grind.

Finally, hear Chad’s thoughts on his involvement with the Entrepreneur’s Organization of West Michigan, part of a global community for the holistic development of entrepreneurs. EO has helped him transform his life and relationships all while fulfilling his purpose as a business leader, and it could be a good fit for you, too.

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EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Startup Story: Hey Nellie

Launching a travel business at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic may not sound like a promising origin, but today’s expert guest is able to say with confidence that her company successfully took flight, navigating the turbulence of the pandemic to emerge on the other side.

Deal Captains Travel Technology, an emerging leader in the marketplace for business travelers, has developed Hey Nellie—an all-encompassing application to make personal and business travel a seamless experience. Imagine having a personal travel assistant right in your pocket!

Join us on Expert Connexions today to learn the inspiration behind Hey Nellie by the founder and CEO herself, Lisa Simpkins, as she works to transform the landscape of travel technology!

EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Business Blueprint: Succession Planning

Did you know that more than 70% of small business owners do not have a succession plan in place?

In this episode of Expert Connexions, Julie Holton talks with Tony Willis (Lansing Economic Area Partnership – LEAP) and Amanda Dernovshek (Foster Swift) to hear expert insights—essential for any business owner looking to protect their legacy and boost our community’s economic resilience.

LEAP is teaming up with with Foster Swift, the Lansing Regional Chamver of Commerce, Tri-Star Trust, and Transworld to offer a new succession planning program for Ingham County businesses.

EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Startup Story: AbleVu

It’s always inspiring to meet a founder who truly radiates passion for the mission their business seeks to fulfill. Today on Expert Connexions, we’re excited to introduce Meegan Winters, Co-Founder and CEO of AbleVu—an innovative startup working to make the world accessible to all people.

Beginning with her background in teaching special education, Meegan recognized the challenges that people with both visible and invisible disabilities face in having access to the same experiences and opportunities as the rest of the population, and she chose to take action!

Tune in to today’s inspiring startup story to learn more about:

How Meegan’s initial startup, Able Eyes, has grown and adapted with AbleVu and the seriously eye-opening “why” behind them both.

Practical ways to transition into the startup world with your impactful idea even if you don’t necessarily have prior business experience.

The challenges a founder might face in scaling a business with a deeply rooted social mission, learning to balance the passion behind it with the need to offer investors a clear path to a return on their investment.

Meegan offers wisdom and guidance from her own journey that will prove invaluable to startup founders of all stages—her insights are a must for any entrepreneur!

EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Building Smarter Marketing Solutions with AI

We’ve talked in previous episodes about various ways you can incorporate artificial intelligence into your business model to forge ahead of the competition, but today we’re excited to feature a crossover where two of our favorite topics—AI and marketing—fuse together.

Join us to hear how today’s expert, Adam Stoker, has created a custom GPT agent to serve niche marketing purposes for his destination marketing agency.

Adam shares profound insights on:

The evolutionary path of AI in the marketing world, and why you simply can’t afford to overlook it!

How his team harnesses the power of large language models to deliver cutting-edge marketing strategies to their clients.

Dispelling fears surrounding AI adoption in marketing and highlighting its role as an invaluable ally in strategy execution.

How the imminent shift from an era of information to an era of answers will impact the marketing world and the strategies of businesses everywhere.
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Learn more about Adam Stoker:

EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Startup Story: Stunio

Meet Stunio: a tech startup that launched — without technology!

If you think you need to build an advanced enterprise tech platform before going live, you’ll want to hear the story behind Stunio.

In this episode of Expert Connexions, Julie Holton speaks with Adam Green, the founder of Stunio, and Jordan Hankwitz, the new Chief Strategy Officer brought on board to drive strategic growth.

Recognizing the need for expanded leadership: Adam’s journey from realizing the need for a strategic vision and administrative support to transform Stunio from a student startup to a professional enterprise.
The origin of Stunio: How Adam’s personal struggles during law school inspired the creation of a platform to connect college students with local job opportunities.
Evolution of Stunio: From humble beginnings to a sophisticated technology-driven platform, the strategic decisions behind its growth.
Strategic direction and community engagement: Jordan shares insights into his role in shaping Stunio’s future and fostering connections within the community.

EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Prime vs. Gatorade: Are Legacy Brands Struggling?

YouTube and TikTok stars?

🎙️ In this episode of Expert Connexions, join Julie Holton as she engages with Adam Stoker, co-founder, president, and CEO of Relic, a prominent destination marketing agency. Adam, also the host of the Destination Marketing Podcast, shares insights on his bold philosophy in marketing.

Discover the evolution of marketing from legacy brands relying on paid media to today’s fragmented media landscape. Adam shares the three C’s: creating incredible content, building a community around it, and eventually monetizing it through commerce. Using examples like Gatorade and the success of YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul in launching Prime, Adam illustrates the impact of audience-building on brand success.

Tune in to gain a comprehensive understanding of audience-centric content creation and the transformative impact of community building on commerce. Don’t miss this insightful conversation with Adam Stoker on Expert Connexions, and remember to subscribe for weekly expert insights! 🚀

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