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EXPERT CONNEXIONS: The Power of Transformational Leadership

Hey leaders! How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 for your leadership?

Is there room for improvement? Do you even know where you’re leading your teams?

Join host Julie Holton as she sits down with Don Williams, a bestselling author, successful entrepreneur, and an expert in transformational leadership. Listen in as Don tells us where we should be going, how to get there, and how the practice of gratitude can make a surprising difference in your business – and your life.

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EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Building Your Business… to Sell!

Are you so engulfed in the daily grind of entrepreneurship that you’re overlooking your ultimate exit strategy—selling your venture?

It’s time to elevate your approach with expert advice from an entrepreneur who has built and sold more than 20 businesses. In this new segment of Startup Connexions, Julie Holton talks with Christine McDannell of @themagnoliafirm, breaking down the critical do’s, don’ts, and savvy strategies you absolutely need to know if you’re contemplating selling your business down the road.

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EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Beyond Soft Skills: Empowering Leaders

Soft skills, according to ChatGPT, refer to personal attributes, interpersonal abilities, and social skills. Different from hard skills, defined as specific, teachable abilities such as writing, math, or technical proficiencies.

Look — leadership is right there on the list of examples of soft skills! The ability to inspire, motivate, and guide others towards achieving common objectives.

But — Insert record scratch here! — isn’t leadership exactly what it takes to launch a startup? Scale a business? Really, achieve anything in life?

But… Can it be taught?

Host, Julie Holton explores this age-old question with today’s expert, who shares how she continues to hone her leadership skills, more than 30 years after launching her career.

EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Making a Living with Extraordinary Acts of Kindness

Imagine a world where, when the worst happens, help is right around the corner.

Our community connexions segment today features a business owner turned non-profit founder who was inspired to turn ordinary tasks like yard work and house cleaning into extraordinary acts of kindness for those fighting cancer.