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What is your story? How do you tell it? Do you have the right storyteller?

UnoDeuce Multimedia is a video production and storytelling agency in Lansing, Michigan. We produce videos in story form to showcase why organizations do what they do and how they make a positive impact on their community. Let’s partner to carefully and accurately craft your message so you can widely distribute the strength and mission of your organization. Our clients retain ownership of all of their video productions.

What’s your story?

Giving Tuesday Giveaway 2023

Giving Tuesday Winner – Broken Brain Woodworking

Paul decided to take Giving Tuesday Video Giveaway in a different direction this year and he has a really good reason for it. Watch the video to learn more about the reasons for this and how he came to learn about this wonderful art studio.

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Mission Control Podcast

On this episode of Mission Control, we talk with Prince Solace, president of Justice League of Greater Lansing. We talk about how churches and other important institutions benefitted from slavery, his ability to make people comfortable to make sure the events go well, and his involvement with the Mandela Washington Fellowship.

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