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What is your story? How do you tell it? Do you have the right storyteller?

UnoDeuce Multimedia is a video production and storytelling agency in Lansing, Michigan. We produce videos in story form to showcase why organizations do what they do and how they make a positive impact on their community. Let’s partner to carefully and accurately craft your message so you can widely distribute the strength and mission of your organization. Our clients retain ownership of all of their video productions.

A message from the Creative Video Strategist

The 12th Annual Deucey Awards Are Coming!!

The Deucey Awards are turning 12 and we are gearing up for another year of spectacular stories to be chosen by the people! Of all the stories we produced last year, 20 of them will be vying for four awards. The categories are: Downtown Superstar, Most Inspirational, Most Entertaining, and Most Outstanding (Best Video of the Year). It starts the first week of April and the winners will be revealed live the first week of May. So pay attention to our social media, email newsletter and our blog for when the videos and categories launch. Make sure you check back into our Deucey Award page on our website every week and day in April to select your favorite.
It all starts in a couple of weeks, so get ready!

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Mission Control Podcast

Our owner welcomes you back into the control center as we gear up the launch to season 4 of our podcast, Mission Control. Check this short preview out as we highlight who our first few guests are. The new season begins in May and you can subscribe to it on your favorite podcasting platform.

Check out our Owner on “Tap in” Podcast

In this enlightening conversation, Paul shares insights into his early passion for theater and the unexpected turn that led him to explore the vast realm of multimedia. Learn how a high school trip to Seattle, where he participated in a media camp, became the catalyst for his multimedia journey. Remarkably, Paul not only gained invaluable experiences during that trip but years later found himself running the very same program that kickstarted his path.

🎈Tap In Podcast
Our host Myles explores inspiring conversations with individuals who’ve navigated unconventional paths, sharing their stories and insights.

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Video Storytelling

Are you a non-profit or small business making an impact in your community? Your mission is our mission – to enhance and promote the change your organization provides in the lives you serve. We’ve been working with not-for-profits from the very beginning and we are a small business so we know how small businesses work. Partner with us to showcase your good works in a refreshingly new way. Our services are designed to work within your budget.

Event Video Services

Convey creativity and innovation with this new video production tool. Enhance your engagement and reach on your social media channels and impact your followers in a whole new and exciting way. We make it easy and produce your live videos from the safety of our office.

Podcast Development

A natural supplement to our event video services, we can create a multicamera or virtual situation into a an in-depth interview and storytelling session in a long format. We can either just edit the final product or fully produce from start to finish including the distribution.