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GUEST POST: 10 Ideas for Video Marketing Content

Customers want more videos from you. According to HubSpot, 54% of them prefer exactly this type of content from brands. A bit fewer people choose emails (46%) and social images (41%), and a relatively small number (18%) is ready to read blogs.

Let’s discuss the top 10 ideas of wholesome and entertaining content for consumers that at the same time are efficient for businesses in terms of brand awareness, engagement, and conversion growth. (more…)

GUEST POST: How to Get Audiences to Buy Into Your Brand

You know that getting new people to buy into your brand is what will make you grow. The hardest part is when your brand is just starting to get known. Once you get people on board, then your audience exponentially increases. Here are four great suggestions for getting people to buy into your brand.


GUEST POST: 4 Unique Marketing Strategies to Incorporate With Your Business

In a business environment that’s increasingly crowded, marketing can make all the difference between failure and success. While most business owners already understand the value of marketing, many fail to fully embrace the plethora of marketing strategies they could be using. Here are four unique ways to market your business that will help raise your sales and revenues while attracting more customers.


Client Video: Arts Council of Greater Lansing – 517 ARTsearch

In this video we created for the Arts Council of Greater Lansing, we highlighted a new mobile app that they launched in conjunction with Message Makers. The App turns your daily walking experience into an art-filled adventure, leading you to area public art and arts organizations. Find all the art near you as well as information about the artists and more. The 517 ARTsearch highlights the rich creative and cultural landscape of Greater Lansing and helps users discover all the region has to offer in arts & culture.


Guest Post: 10 Ways to Increase Empathy in the Workplace

Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings and vulnerabilities of those around you. Having a strong standing team that is able to notice when someone may need help, or have a good sense of direction when navigating a tough conversation is key. As your small business starts to expand and more team members start joining your team, exercising this skill is crucial.

Whether you are putting your time and energy towards building a more positive working environment this year, or you’re wanting to grow your client list, empathy is a great place to start. Research shows that over 60% of employees would take a pay decrease to work on an empathetic team—proving that investing in your employee’s well-being should be a top priority for industry leaders.

On the flip side of this, showing empathy for your employees doesn’t just happen overnight. There are a few small changes to be made for a long term impact on your team.

Different Types of Empathy

Empathy has various different pros and cons when it comes to a work environment. There is such a thing as being too empathic, or not showing enough empathy. Educating your team about the different types of empathy and which to portray is a great starting point.

1.Cognitive Empathy

Also known as “perspective-taking,” this type of empathy focuses heavily on understanding one’s emotional state. This empathy type provides a comfortable and flexible company environment to help build your team’s ability, goals, and aspirations for growth.

2. Emotional Empathy

This type of empathy is also known as “effective” or “primitive” empathy as it triggers an emotional feeling on a deeper level, affecting one personally. For instance, if someone got in trouble for a project gone wrong, you might develop fear over losing your job or making the same mistake.

3. Compassionate Empathy

Compassionate empathy is the most actionable of all three. This involves seeing someone go through pain, experiencing it emotionally yourself, resulting in an instant desire to help. For instance, say an account executive isn’t meeting their goals that month and have been put on a performance plan. Compassionate workers will do everything in their power to help direct prospects to that team member, schedule additional educational meetings, or give sales directly to them.

Increasing empathy on your team can have a positive impact on your team’s productivity, in turn, optimize your initial salary investment on your employees. Show your team you care this year with Fundera’s roadmap to practicing proper empathy in your workplace.

10 Ways to Increase Empathy in the Workplace

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Guest Post: Ready for Growth? 4 Ways to Expand Your Business Marketing Efforts

Finding new avenues for marketing your goods and services is certainly one way to go about expanding your marketing outreach, but have you considered actually offering a greater diversity of goods and services? For as simple as this marketing strategy sounds in theory, understanding your customers at a deep enough level to know what they’ll want in the future can be challenging to say the least.

Conduct Market Research

You might have been able to see where this was going: to be more sure-footed about whatever marketing direction you take next, consider doing market research. Market research is all about uncovering more information on what your customers’ preferences and their needs. Sometimes only market research can uncover what customers truly want since the product that will fulfill their future needs hasn’t been invented yet!