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Client Stories

Our clients have amazing stories. It’s such an honor when they choose us to help them visualize their story through our creative design process. Great narratives often contain elements like vulnerability, passion, heartache, loss, and triumph. Real-life experiences developed through the light of storytelling help your audience connect on a deeper level with your mission or cause.

Please enjoy these stories from some of our clients.

What’s Your Story?

CLIENT STORY: CSAP – Coalition Program Acronyms

We all know that with all of the programs and non-profit organizations that are a part of Michigan’s ecosystem, acronyms come with them. So, in conjunction with the previous video on all the things that the Clinton Substance Abuse Program Coalition does there are many partners and programs that need defining, so we took the same style we made for the first video to make this one. For more info on CSAPC:

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CLIENT STORY: Child and Family Charities- Thank You Red nose Ruckus Sponsors!

Celebrating a huge milestone with one of our regular clients is just the icing on the cake. However, without the generous donations, volunteer hours and support from the sponsors this annual event wouldn’t be half as successful as it is. The Red Nose Ruckus is a culmination of a full year of work and we were tasked to create this highlight reel to thank the sponsors the best way we know how. For more information on Child and Family Charities:

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