EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Startup Stories: Attire

Today on Expert Connexions, we bring our Lansing Regional SmartZone Startups Series to a close with this inspiring episode featuring Kaylin Goddard, founder of Attire.

Say goodbye to decision fatigue when it comes to your wardrobe – Attire is here to alter the narrative of personal fashion with unique technology that will catalog your closet and refresh your morning routine with new ways to wear old pieces.

Tune in today to hear key insights on:
Fashion struggles shared around the world–which you will probably resonate with more than you realize!
What it’s like to be a young, female founder in the startup world today.
Bootstrapping a business and creating a tech company as a non-coder.
Sustainability in the fashion industry, including some shocking statistics!

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Learn more about Attire:

CLIENT STORY: Ingham County Clerk – Absentee Voting In 2024


Understanding the Changes to Michigan’s Absentee Voting System

In 2022, Michigan voters approved a proposal that significantly expanded the rights of our qualified registered voters. Collaborating with other county clerks, legislators worked diligently to pass bills to implement this proposal into state law. These new regulations are now in effect, and these changes will impact elections in Michigan from 2024 onward.

Significant Changes in Absentee Voting

No-Reason Absentee Voting Since 2018

Since 2018, Michigan voters have had the convenience of voting by absentee ballot without providing a reason. This flexibility has led many voters to sign up for the permanent absentee ballot application list, which mandates local clerks to send absentee applications before every election.

Introduction of the Permanent Mail Ballot List

With the passage of Proposal 2 of 2022, a new list—the permanent mail ballot list—was created. Unlike the previous system, this list requires that absentee voter ballots be sent automatically to voters without needing an application. This new process saves valuable time and resources for both voters and clerks.

Standout Quote: “Proposal 2 of 2022 required the creation of a new list, the permanent mail ballot list, which requires instead for absent voter ballots to be sent automatically rather than applications. This cuts down on the administration time it takes to mail the application to the voter and back to the clerk.”

Maintaining Election Integrity

It is crucial to note that these changes do not compromise the security of our elections. Voters must actively opt-in to join the permanent mail ballot list, and as always, signatures are matched at each step to ensure authenticity.

Options for Returning Absentee Ballots

Absent voter ballots provide several return options:

  1. Mailing Back to Local Clerk: The traditional route is via postal mail.
  2. Local Clerk’s Dropbox: Secure drop-off anytime.
  3. Local Clerk’s Office: Direct in-office return.
  4. Early Voting Sites or Polling Locations on Election Day: Deposit directly in the tabulator, just like in-person ballots.

Please remember, if you receive election mail for someone who no longer resides at your address, return it to the sender. This practice helps local clerks maintain an accurate voter file.

Military and Overseas Voters

Extended Time for Ballot Returns

Under the new state constitutional changes, military and overseas voters receive an extended deadline for returning absentee ballots. As long as these ballots are postmarked by Election Day, they can be accepted up to six days after the election.

Encouragement for Prompt Returns

While this additional time is beneficial, voters must mail their ballots as early as possible to avoid delays.

Enhancing Voting Accessibility and Security

Michigan’s election landscape continuously evolves to provide more secure voting options. As your local and county clerks, we are committed to ensuring these improvements make voting more accessible, safer, and secure than ever.

Participation in the Democratic Process

No matter how you exercise your right to vote, you should make sure you take part in our democratic process.

Get in Touch

Feel free to ask the clerk questions about elections, voter registration, absentee voting, or ballot submissions. Contact me at:

  • Phone: 517-676-7201
  • Email:

For more information, visit

Thank you for your attention and active participation. Now, get out and vote!


The recent changes to Michigan’s absentee voting system are designed to make voting more accessible while ensuring the integrity of our elections. By understanding these updates, you can take full advantage of the conveniences they offer. Whether you’re a frequent absentee voter or new to the process, these improvements aim to provide a seamless voting experience. Stay informed, stay engaged, and make your voice heard in the upcoming elections.

Brandon’s Journey into Video Production: From Childhood Fascination to Aspiring Filmmaker

Brandon’s journey into video production as an intern at UnoDeuce Multimedia reflects his deep enthusiasm for the craft. He is determined to absorb every facet of the field, aspiring to learn from seasoned professionals and carve out a future career. This blog post chronicles his path, aspirations, and pivotal experiences that have led him to this juncture in his professional journey.

The Spark of Passion for Video Production
Brandon discovered a passion for video making as a hobby from a young age. As his skills and interests developed, it became clear that video production was not just a hobby but a serious career path he wished to pursue.

The Turning Point
Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” deeply resonated with Brandon, marking a significant turning point in his aspirations. The film’s artistry and technical prowess inspired him to explore the expansive possibilities of filmmaking, pushing his creative boundaries.

Interning at UnoDeuce Multimedia
At UnoDeuce Multimedia, Brandon aims to gain extensive hands-on experience in video production. Mastering equipment such as cameras, lights, and microphones is pivotal to understanding the industry’s intricacies and establishing valuable connections.

Learning and Growth
Brandon eagerly anticipates working directly with production equipment, from operating cameras to setting up lighting and microphones. He acknowledges the irreplaceable value of practical experience and views this internship as an ideal platform to refine his skills.

The Road Ahead
Looking ahead, Brandon envisions graduating from LCC with a solid foundation in video production. Whether he continues at UnoDeuce Multimedia or ventures into freelance work, his ultimate goal remains entrenched in the video production industry.

A Journey Through Video Editing
Brandon’s journey into video editing began with a desire to refine his videos. Starting with basic mobile apps in 8th grade, he gradually transitioned to advanced editing software, continuously honing his skills.

Building a Career in Video Production
Brandon’s experience at UnoDeuce Multimedia is pivotal. Beyond technical proficiency, he values the networking opportunities that could catalyze his career aspirations in this competitive field.

Video production has been a defining passion for Brandon, from childhood experimentation to professional internships. Inspired by films like “Inception” and equipped with practical experience from UnoDeuce Multimedia, he is poised to impact the industry significantly. Each project, equipment handled, and connection made brings him closer to transforming his passion into a successful career in video production.

Follow Brandon’s journey for more updates and collaborative opportunities in the dynamic realm of video production!

EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Tech Trends: From Cybersecurity to AI

Are you prepared to defend your business against a cybersecurity threat?

To most people, a cyberattack sounds like an impossibility — one of those, “certainly, this would never happen to my business,” concepts… until it does, and the results could be as devastating to your work as a hurricane to a city. In today’s digital landscape, the possibility of a cyberattack is not a matter of if, but when.

On today’s show, expert Chad Paalman of NuWave Technology Partners shares key insights on fortifying your technological defenses and why procrastination is not an option!

Plus, you’ll want to make sure to catch the entire episode to hear our discussion shift to the opposite end of the spectrum from tech and AI to something entirely human — managing and prioritizing personal wellness and relationships amidst the entrepreneurial grind.

Finally, hear Chad’s thoughts on his involvement with the Entrepreneur’s Organization of West Michigan, part of a global community for the holistic development of entrepreneurs. EO has helped him transform his life and relationships all while fulfilling his purpose as a business leader, and it could be a good fit for you, too.

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MISSION CONTROL: A Conversation with Joe Garcia of Catholic Charities of Ingham, Eaton and Clinton Counties

In May 2024, four more stories were told to showcase visually. Watch as we show our image-making skills with Child and Family Charities, Great Lakes Urban, TWIGS, and Downtown Lansing Inc. For the full video of each of these, please visit our Vimeo channel.

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EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Startup Story: Hey Nellie

Launching a travel business at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic may not sound like a promising origin, but today’s expert guest is able to say with confidence that her company successfully took flight, navigating the turbulence of the pandemic to emerge on the other side.

Deal Captains Travel Technology, an emerging leader in the marketplace for business travelers, has developed Hey Nellie—an all-encompassing application to make personal and business travel a seamless experience. Imagine having a personal travel assistant right in your pocket!

Join us on Expert Connexions today to learn the inspiration behind Hey Nellie by the founder and CEO herself, Lisa Simpkins, as she works to transform the landscape of travel technology!

CLIENT STORY: CASA for Kids, Inc – Grow: How You Can Help

At CASA for Kids Inc., we believe in the power of volunteerism to transform lives. Our small but vibrant community in Eaton County thrives on the dedication of volunteers like you.

Every moment you spend with us is a chance to make a lasting impact. From forging lifelong bonds to enriching the lives of children, our volunteers find fulfillment in every step of their journey.

For more information:

Community. Hope. Volunteer. Downtown. UnoDeuce Story Recap for May 2024

In May 2024, four more stories were told to showcase visually. Watch as we show our image-making skills with Child and Family Charities, Great Lakes Urban, TWIGS, and Downtown Lansing Inc. For the full video of each of these, please visit our Vimeo channel.

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EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Business Blueprint: Succession Planning

Did you know that more than 70% of small business owners do not have a succession plan in place?

In this episode of Expert Connexions, Julie Holton talks with Tony Willis (Lansing Economic Area Partnership – LEAP) and Amanda Dernovshek (Foster Swift) to hear expert insights—essential for any business owner looking to protect their legacy and boost our community’s economic resilience.

LEAP is teaming up with with Foster Swift, the Lansing Regional Chamver of Commerce, Tri-Star Trust, and Transworld to offer a new succession planning program for Ingham County businesses.