Meet the UnoDeuce Creative Architect – Kat Mendez

I guess going from intern to full time is more of trend now. Meet Kat Mendez the latest Creative Video Architect for UnoDeuce Multimedia. Kat is all about being creatively hands on, whether it is a knitting project, creating music or doing what she does for our clients at UnoDeuce. She is a deliberate storyteller with a keen eye for visuals and we are thankful that she’s made a home here at UnoDeuce.

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Introducing MIpreneur

We are excited to announce that the Lansing Marketing Hackers community is now MIpreneur!

MIpreneur is a social learning space where members can explore, connect, and thrive, together. We host bi-monthly events that focus on topics related to the entire experience of building a brand or business in Michigan.

“The Location Never Changes, But the People Do.”

Hosted by: @desimslaughter of @brandnpress and Paul J Schmidt of @UnoDeuceMedia

Want to learn more about MIpreneur and what’s in store for 2024?!

Join us for an online introduction event with the hosts so we can talk about the changes together!

EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Navigating M&A: The Dynamics of Deal-Making with Max Friar of Calder Capital

It has been a turbulent few years for many mergers and acquisitions.
Economic uncertainty, market volatility, regulatory challenges, interest rates and financing costs — have led to challenges in many markets.

But despite the challenges, one M&A firm continues to experience record growth.

Listed four times in a row by Inc 5000, Calder Capital in Grand Rapids, Michigan is the fastest-growing M&A firm in the U.S.

In this episode, Julie Holton interviews founder Max Friar. You’ll hear his insights on mergers and acquisitions, including common misconceptions and errors that business owners face. Plus, with a goal set for an impressive 10 years of continuous growth, Max shares insights that have brought them this far and promises to keep the momentum going.

Meet Adrianna & Lance – UnoDeuce Video Intern Winter 2024 & Trusty Sidekick

Adrianna and Lance, two names that will forever be synonymous with each other in UnoDeuce history, Also, a service companion is a welcome first at UnoDeuce, and a welcome addition he is. Adrianna is really looking forward to honing her production and editing skills and really enjoys the industry of media creation. Lance, on the other hand, likes to hone his social skills and really enjoys being awesome.

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ARTS ROLL-CALL: Rocks, Birds, Celebs, the Curious Journey of artist Sarah Hillman

Welcome to Episode 21 of Arts Roll Call–a podcast for the arts curious. In this episode, host Robin Miner-Swartz talks with artist and writer, Sarah Hillman about her array of mediums and interests as an artist–from rock art to birds and celebrity portraits. They explore how her childhood guided her curiosity and what it means to be part of the arts community in Greater Lansing.

About Arts Roll Call
Arts Roll Call pulls back the curtain to explore the lived experience of artists and arts organizations in the Greater Lansing region. Presented by Arts Council Greater Lansing and hosted by local celebrity Robin Miner-Swartz, this podcast was created to give the Council’s members an opportunity to share their thoughts and talk about the role of the arts and why they are important to the region and the community. Whether you are from the Greater Lansing area or not, if you are a lover of arts and culture, you will enjoy getting a peek into the creative minds of these leaders and makers in the arts. For more information on the Arts Council of Greater Lansing, visit This production is sponsored by UnoDeuce Multimedia and Miner-Swartz Editing & Consulting.

EXPERT CONNEXIONS: Sober(ish) with Kim Gamez

Taking risks, shameless hustle, and serial entrepreneurship all led this week’s expert to her current startup venture: Sober(ish).

Founder Kim Gamez says her quest to find the buzz without the booze led her first to TikTok, where she built a following — and a revenue stream.

She’s no stranger to starting new businesses and the questions that all startups face:

Bootstrap or seek external funding? How to create a unique product in a competitive market? And how to turn a personal passion into a successful business model?

Join us for an all-new episode as Julie Holton talks with founder Kim Gamez about bootstrapping her newest startup, Sober(ish). Discover the journey behind creating a non-alcoholic beverage brand that stands out, and hear how personal experiences and market trends influence Kim’s approach to entrepreneurship.

Kim also shares insights from her previous venture, Mi Padrino, which was featured in Forbes and the Today Show, and her transition to a new challenge in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Learn about the importance of community building, and get expert advice for turning your passion into a profitable business.