Video Storytelling Services

UnoDeuce Multimedia began in 2001 as owner Paul Schmidt’s passion project as a way to tell the positive stories of organizations making huge impacts in their community.

From our very first video story, we have developed our expertise around working with non-profits and socially responsible small businesses to help with fundraising, brand awareness, training, information and promotion. We don’t just make videos, we also work sponsor, partner and volunteer for the causes we feel most passionate about.

Since 2019, UnoDeuce Multimedia helped our non-profit friends raise over $3.1 million in the Greater Lansing, MI area.

We understand the non-profit business world and how to be a purpose driven organization. A lot of compassion, generosity, understanding, frustrations, dedication, and love is wrapped up in every single person and organization we get to work with.

Our goal is to support your vision and mission in a way that levels the playing field without breaking the bank. Yes, you need to market and get the word out, but the real work and money are dedicated to the people and causes you serve. We understand.

UnoDeuce offers several video storytelling services for most organizations, big or small. We can provide customized options that work within your existing budget without compromising on quality and impact. Each of our services can include a thumbnail image, closed captioning in several languages, or the ability to conform it to the appropriate social media platform. We can also provide either just video recording or video editing services as well.

To get started, please fill out our Creative Video Storytelling Planner.

Here are some specific ways we can customize our services to fit your budget.

Fundraising and Special Project Videos 

This package is built around the Benevon model, a mission-centered, four-step, circular process for raising sustainable funding and major gifts from individual donors. Your story will follow the theme of your three buckets for your fundraising year.

This package can include any of these elements:

  • A 5 to 7-minute video that is the centerpiece of your annual fundraising event.
  • Promotional videos to help generate buzz around your fundraiser.
  • A thank you video to your donors.
  • Shorter stories that can be part of your tours.
  • Award videos honoring sponsors, donors or volunteers.
  • Capital campaign update videos

Creative Storytelling Partnership

Non-Profit Organization Only 

This all-inclusive package gives you access to our team as your own on-call video storytellers. This flexible retainer plan is based on blocks of 75, 100, or 125 hours. We can use your time in a variety of ways to further your brand, educate others, and promote your cause.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Compelling storytelling videos for multiple uses
  • Promotional videos
  • Building a training series
  • Event-based videography
  • Capturing footage for later use

Website Videos

Your website is your digital storefront for the world and we are of the mind that each page tells it’s own definitive story. So we work with you to create a comprehensive 2 to 3 minute video that shares that story of that particular program or service or even a comprehensive retrospective of the entire agency itself or its history. These videos are great to bring attention to that particular page and keep people there as well as work in conjunction with your email marketing and social media. 

Biz Card Video

What better way to let your staff, volunteers or executives share what they do then with a video in their own voice. This 60 second video is perfect for those “about us” pages that can give it a bit of life and personality as opposed to just photos, as well as to share them on social media. This is the only video service that is encompassed in a $250 set price limit and you receive three versions; wide, square and vertical specially built for social media.