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Do you know which marketing trends to follow in 2023? A quick Google search will generate endless lists and how-to strategies for businesses. But how do you know which marketing trends are here to stay, and which are just a passing fad? Tim Haines, Founder of Symposia, will cover 2023’s most important trends during the Lansing Marketing Hackers’ next in-person event. This thought-provoking presentation will cover some of the biggest questions facing marketers today, including: 🎯 Which digital platforms should be de-emphasized and which content types deserve more attention 🎯 The validity of “people-focused” and “purpose-driven” marketing 🎯 The importance of website user experience and local search 🎯 The growing concern of social media ethics and data privacy. Hosted by: WLNS, UnoDeuce Multimedia, mConnexions

Lansing Marketing Hackers:Sharing our Success: A Look At What Worked in 2022 & What’s Ahead in 2023

2022 feels like we’re back to business as usual – although today’s “usual” is actually unusual, and there is a new normal that doesn’t look anything like pre-Covid life!

Marketers have had to pivot so many times, we’re all dizzy. And yet, we’ve come out the other side more nimble, creative, and effective.

So what has 2022 taught us in the digital marketing space, and what adjustments are marketers making as we approach 2023?

Join this can’t-miss panel discussion with exceptional guest speakers from diverse industries as we take a close look at what worked this year, what’s on deck for 2023, and highlight new best practices and emerging trends in digital marketing.

Featuring: Rose Knarian, Habitat for Humanity | Mike Marriott, Opportunity Arts | Siso Dhladhla, Lanartbus | Laura Castle, Capital Hippie
Moderated by: Julie Holton, mConnexions
Hosted by: WLNS, UnoDeuce Multimedia, mConnexions