Meet Stunio: a tech startup that launched — without technology!

If you think you need to build an advanced enterprise tech platform before going live, you’ll want to hear the story behind Stunio.

In this episode of Expert Connexions, Julie Holton speaks with Adam Green, the founder of Stunio, and Jordan Hankwitz, the new Chief Strategy Officer brought on board to drive strategic growth.

Recognizing the need for expanded leadership: Adam’s journey from realizing the need for a strategic vision and administrative support to transform Stunio from a student startup to a professional enterprise.
The origin of Stunio: How Adam’s personal struggles during law school inspired the creation of a platform to connect college students with local job opportunities.
Evolution of Stunio: From humble beginnings to a sophisticated technology-driven platform, the strategic decisions behind its growth.
Strategic direction and community engagement: Jordan shares insights into his role in shaping Stunio’s future and fostering connections within the community.