20 trends for marketing in 2022!

Join us in saying ‘so long’ to 2021 by getting a jump start on these top marketing trends for 2022. Spoiler alert: one trend is going to be so impactful in the new year that we’ve incorporated it throughout our blog! So sit back, turn up your volume, and finalize your new marketing strategy with a little help from our friends at mConnexions Marketing Agency

Julie’s Top Marketing Trends for 2022

  • Reels & TikTok Marketing Videos. Get out your dancing shoes! Reels and TikTok marketing videos top Julie’s list for trends to watch in 2022. But, we’re actually just kidding about those tap shoes (kind of!). Short-form videos are so popular among social media users that they will continue to grow in importance for businesses wanting to grow followers and engagement on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Learn more about how to create content that’s within your comfort zones in this recent blog from our team.
  • Hybrid events are here to stay. If you’re planning an event in 2022 and wondering whether it should be virtual or in-person, the answer is yes. To both! Especially for large-scale events, the trend leans strongly into hybrid events for safety, inclusion and accessibility, expanded outreach, selection of speakers, and return on investment.
  • Integrated online + offline user experience. We saw a huge shift during the pandemic shutdown in 2020 that moved people from Mainstreet storefronts into digital marketplaces. For a multitude of factors, those customers and clients never fully shifted back to in-person interactions. This makes integrating their experience online and offline more important than ever. Brands that want to win must be competitive about user experience, and that experience must flow seamlessly in all spaces.
  • Website accessibility. We saw this incredibly fast shift to go digital at the start of the pandemic. Many retailers and restaurants, for example, rushed to create websites so they could offer expanded services online. But now they need to circle back — and make sure their digital space is just as accessible as their brick and mortar. Not only is this the right thing to do, it’s also legally required for businesses to be accessible, including virtual spaces. This one is so important, we did an entire segment of our Expert Connexions TV show about it (make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!).
  • Bye-bye cookies, hello CRM! Google is set to end cookie tracking in early 2022. This will require some pretty major changes, especially for larger brands. Look into boosting your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools as such data will become crucial once cookie tracking is no longer in place.

Alexis’ Top Marketing Trends for 2022 


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