We produce a lot of content. So, not only to we have to keep track of the content we publish, but what we are out producing as well. To keep track of the production pipeline if you will. There are several tools that we use to help us with that. Tools that we could not possibly live without at this point.

The best part of these tools as well is they are cloud based and so they can be used both by mobile and desktop. Some are just web and mobile apps and others can be stand alone applications. They send all of us notifications when things change. Which makes the constant communications key to know where we are and what needs to happen next. Let’s get into these apps.

1. Dropbox. This is the most indispensable tool that we use. We use this as an interface with clients to get feedback on videos, files to send to my accountant and general storage internally. We have a certain folder structure set up so that we know where to get files and where to send files from.

2. Wunderlist. This tool allows you to know what tasks are coming up and what tasks have been completed. The sharing function of this tool allows you to be notified what’s been done and when. I love this tool.

3. Evernote. We use this all the time for transfer of notes and to create something on the fly for different departments. It also houses all of our processes for quick reference and the sharing option is key for that. We keep all of our meeting notes on here for quick reference.

4. Trello. This is where our pipeline sits. This allows us to know what projects are coming and where they sit in the process. This works for both production and publishing. We constantly are in this tool creating notes for corrections and keeping abreast of where the video should be published next from week to week.

5. Slack. This is our quintessential communication tool. No matter if you need to communicate with an individual or as a group. It has supplanted any other group texting tool. It also aggregates notifications from our other tools, such as Trello and Wunderlist so that you get pinged there as well to know what else has been going on. This tool has been the MVP since we put it in play earlier this year.

So that is the comprehensive list of tools that we use to help with our productivity needs. What tools do you use to communicate, plan and succeed with?