Whether you are a business owner or a new blogger, you need to learn about SEO link building. As a business owner or a new blogger, you want to enhance your online visibility. The only way to do it is to improve your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP).

To reach the first page of the SERP, you need to learn how SEO works and apply it to your website and content. There are several ways that you can improve your website SEO. You can use keywords, improve the loading time of your website, or use Google Map for your business.
However, these methods are not enough to establish authority and credibility. You need to build links.

What Is Link Building SEO

Link is the known term for hyperlinks. It is a method that one can use to navigate from one website to another. Content creators build it for various reasons.

Some content creators use links as references for their content, and some use it to direct the reader to the other website as recommendations.

Why Link Building Is Important in SEO

Link building is essential because the search engines use it to crawl the world wide web in the following ways.

  • between the pages of your site
  • between websites

You want to build links on your website and from other websites pointing to yours because it is one of the criteria that search engines, such as Google uses to rank pages on the SERP. Google ranks links through the quality of it.

If you can manage to get the other websites to link to yours, it builds authority and trust. Google will find your content as a high-quality one. It also improves the SEO of your site, and you will rank higher based on the keywords that you are targeting.

Building links on your website is effortless because you can do it on your own. However, you need other people’s help or reach out to other sites if you want to build external links pointing to your website.

How Do I Make an External Link for SEO

Some authoritative websites accept guest posts and allow you to create a hyperlink that directs toward your site. You only have to search on these websites. However, make sure that those websites are relevant to your niche.

Another method, which is the most common way, is via blogger outreach. In this method, you will leverage through the fan-base of an established influencer by directing them into your website. You need to ask the influencer through e-mail if you can create a guest post content on this person’s platform that will help you build an external link from your site.

It takes some effort to rank on the first page of the SERP. You need to use various techniques to improve the SEO of your website. One of them is via SEO link building.


Brandon Leibowitz is the founder of SEO Optimizers, a Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, California. He is also the founder of Bosmol.com, a social media news log. He has been involved with search engine optimization and internet marketing since 2007.