I’ve been talking about how to use video and great practices to think about when it comes to video, but I’ve never really gone into talking about how my company, UnoDeuce Multimedia, produces video. What do we do?

First of all, we have a specific target market that we aim at. We like to work with small businesses and non-profit organizations. So, basically, working with organizations with tight budgets to believe they can have quality they can afford. This was something I learned from my time working for a video company in Seattle. There were ways, through planning, that you could create great work in a time frame that wouldn’t break the budget of organizations. I enjoyed that. The people we worked for did to, and repeat business and referrals happened because of it. I translated that philosophy into what we do with the company today.

The other thing we do is look for organizations who are web and social media savvy. These are the ones we like to work with because they are looking for content to help with their messaging and are usually ready to take that next stip into video.

This brings us to really how we do what we do. We, of course, like to plan in multiple videos, but we meet with the client, get a feel for their organization and goals and messaging. We look at their brand and give our two cents on what areas would be great to cover. Then we talk about who is going to be the spokesperson(people) and what they should be prepared to talk about. We also ask for logos, color palette and fonts. We want to be as close to the branding as possible so that we integrate what we are producing into the already developed brand image of the organization.

There really is no scripting or storyboarding. There is usually an interview or interviews and then shooting for coverage. We do not like to use narration if we can help it. We love to have the subjects of the video tell the story. Narration has its place, but not in most of our projects.

We also know what to bring in equipment so that we are not carrying too much or have too little. It’s all in the planning. However, not all videos will have the same criteria, so we just make sure we plan to have all the elements in place to create the final product.

The biggest thing we do is readily include the client in the whole process. We know we can’t produce something for someone completely on our own, so we invite the client for feedback and to be part of the team creatively as well.

This process has worked for us very well and we get to work with very creative business people who are great storytellers and they love the fact that their brand is front and center in all of their videos. In fact check out this video, which is one of our first forays into the brand incorporation and let us know what you think. Also, let us know what you think about our process.