Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to increase your brand presence and reach new audiences. More than one billion active users are involved on Instagram monthly and upload over 100 million posts daily. Among them, two million advertisers use Instagram to grow their business.

Posting high-quality content increases brand engagement among your followers. The content can be in the form of images or videos. Video content performs well compared to image content because your followers will spend more time on your video content, increasing your brand awareness.

Here are some of the best video content ideas on Instagram that engage your followers with your brand and grow your business to a higher level.

1. Use Instagram Stories For Brand Intro

A great way to reach more audiences is to post content regularly on Instagram stories. So the right place to give an introduction about your brand is on the Instagram stories. The length of the video on your stories can be about 15 seconds.

Create an excellent video giving a short and crispy description of your product that engages your brand with your audience. Use a consistent hashtag related to your brand name to create awareness for your product.

Start interacting with your followers directly by responding to their questions. Your business introduction should create brand trust among your followers that results in finding new audiences to grow your business. 

2. Provide Vlog Content

Most of your influencers use Vlog (a video blog) on Instagram to get new audiences. Shooting a video for ashort period of 60 seconds is the simplest way to give information about your product, business plans, or suggestions to build your brand.

This kind of video will surely increase the interaction among your followers in comparison with regular ads. You can also post a Vlog by reviewing your product with one among your followers, giving suggestions and feedback about your product leading to an increase in your audience’s involvement with your brand.

Also, give frequent updates on your business and your engaging activities to stay connected with your audiences. It will also boost your performance on Instagram and increase your followers.

3. Create A Tutorial Video

The most common content followed by users on Instagram is posting an educational video describing your product usage. It grabs your follower’s attentio

n towards your product and intends to buy your product.

Based on your business, you can create a quick video with useful tips for your audience to use in their real life. For example, if your product is based on beauty things, you can shoot a tutorial video by doing makeup using your product.

This type of video increases your product visibility and also provides tips to your audience to follow it in their routine life. It creates a positive opinion about your products and increases your brand awareness.

4. Influencers Interview

Arrange an interactive interview with any of your influencers that increases your video views and boosts your brand engagement. Bring out the interview session with exciting questions and have interesting discussions with your guest as well as with your followers in the comment section.

The interaction will increase your brand trust among your followers. The guest whom you have invited for the interview will also share your video on their Instagram feed which helps their followers to view your video and will be aware of your brand.

Inviting a well-known person is not an easy task, but you can learn some tips and tricks from their success story and create video content with reference to their story to motivate your audience. It will make a good impression among your audiences and increase the involvement with your brand.

5. Post IGTV Videos

Instagram launched an additional feature for posting a long-form of video for a period of 15 minutes called IGTV (Instagram TV). Engage your followers by using creative content and proper hashtags that automatically increase likes for your IGTV videos.

IGTV videos provide both vertical and horizontal mobile viewing formats for the users. While creating a video, ensure that it is filled with attractive content. Since the duration of your video is high, you need to engage your audience with your interesting content.

Providing a brief description of your product helps your audience to understand the content clearly. Spend more time to prepare and edit your IGTV videos to make them attractive. IGTV videos are better than Youtube videos to upload a video on their mobile phones.

6. Upload A Trailer Video

If you are planning to upload a long video on your website or on any of your social media websites, first provide an exciting snippet of that video on your Instagram feed or on Instagram stories like a movie teaser.

The short trailer video creates excitement among your followers that will intend to visit your website to watch the full video. This method not only increases your brand engagement but also increases your website traffic.

Uploading a trailer video becomes a regular habit of many business people before releasing a new product or before giving a new post related to their business. By following this method, many brands reached out to a huge success.

7. Videos With Funny Content

Most people use social media as a relaxing platform to make themselves free from stress. So the expectation for funny content will be higher on Instagram. Create a funny video that brings refreshness to your audience in your Instagram feed.

The positive vibe of your followers may result in sharing your video on their Instagram page and increasing your brand awareness. Sharing your video brings new audiences to your business and strengthens your connectivity with your followers.

The funny video advertising could convert your followers to your customers for your product, increasing your product growth and reach. You can also use animation format to make funny videos if you want to target a particular audience for easy understanding.


The content in video format is an effective way to incre

ase your followers and grow your business. Since Instagram is an entertainment platform, people will use it to engage with their friends. Create your video with valuable and engaging content to attract your followers.

Posting your video content at the right time can make your audience share your videos with their friends relating to their current situation. It increases the reach of your product to many people resulting in the unexpected growth of your product.

With the above video content ideas, you can develop excellent videos to build a strong relationship with your followers. It automatically leads to tremendous growth in your business and makes your brand stronger than your competitors.


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