Twitter is a social media site; it’s primary principle is to connect people through sharing their thoughts in public; the Twitter application is a secure platform to make safe conversations and build a relationship with a big audience in an authentic way. It is a microblogging service, and you can share your thoughts in message format within 280 characters called “tweets”. Registered users can post their updates and give likes or write comments to someone’s tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. Easy to create twitter accounts because it is a free application for all. Marketers use this network to promote their brand in front of huge people because of 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active Twitter users. Easy to meet a new audience to build a strong relationship to create interest to follow you; this all is done by the quality and updated twitter content. Take some time to optimize your profile to fit a business account and increase your dedicated followers through business accounts.

Importance Of Business Account On Twitter

Business marketers can quickly become rising stars on social media platforms, and 330 million active users still tweet in the English language. Eighty percent of Twitter users are international locations, which means you can promote your brand in front of a global audience to reach wider. Twitter ads are an excellent way for all marketers to get more engagement. Perfect shopping platform for 70 percent of people and most small businesses get more profits from this excellent platform. Twitter helps to increase your conversion rate.

Here we will discuss how to optimize your business account right away; let us see five simple steps to refine your twitter business account.

1 Optimize your profile

It is a simple step but spends some time adding details to create them, and still, many of the people don’t know and don’t complete their profiles. Try to add each detail about your industry that helps followers or know those who visit your profiles for the first time. Go to the main page in your account and select the edit profile to add information. Let us see what is:

  • Bio – Here, you can write brief details about your company and, at the same time, give exact details of who you are and what your business is.
  • Location – This is a very important point because viewers want to know your locations, and in this way, you can create authenticity between customers. If everyone visits your profile, people like to see your contact and your locations.
  • Website – Website link is an essential part of your twitter profile. If you add a website link, you can get direct traffic for your websites, and it will take you to the website’s landing page.

2 Adding your live brands

Keep maintaining the entire twitter profile, and it will show what you are. People will get attention if you are adding images. Profile photos and header images are the primary factors of every account. Everyone wants to get impressed by your pictures.

  • Header images – Your header image should be 1500x500p, and the ratio is 2:1 because it shows the top of the profile; it is like a banner display. Take the given space to upload your photos and make sure your ratio will help you use mobile devices.
  • Profile Photo –  It shows the left side of your twitter account; every user likes a unique picture that will help people find your profile. Brand logos are mostly preferred to profile pictures because it’s your business account, an