I’ll be the first to admit that video cameras in phones are getting more advanced. The visuals are looking good. But when it comes to production, it’s a different story.

I know that I had a post a couple of months ago on how to use a phone’s video function effectively. That was in the case that if an organization couldn’t afford a videographer to create the elements needed. Now this article I came across recently, in which a Swiss television station got rid of all of their cameras to replace them iPhones, tells a different picture. Well, let me dissect this one for you.

First of all, not only did they replace the cameras with iPhones, they added a selfie stick and there are camera men who now don’t have a job.

Secondly, a phone does not replace the overall quality and robustness that a video camera or DSLR can do in the hands of a professional camera person. You can have the best quality of video in the world, but if not in the hands of an experienced individual, it just will not look good.

Thirdly, you severely hamper advanced storytelling techniques. There are a lot of extra things you have to do to make this work the way you need it to, similar to a DSLR, without half of the quality. It’s also built to be a phone that can shoot video, not a video camera that can answer calls.

I’m very skeptical that this Swiss station will find the solution it is looking for, as this has been tried  a couple of times and it didn’t last because of quality control issues. That’s the best reason of all to really nix the idea of an iPhone being your main video capture source. No matter how good the picture it can capture under optimal conditions. The life of production rarely is optimal and a professional will not choose a phone over a better video capture tool.

Not only that, but would you take my company seriously if we showed up with phones to create a video for you organization? I didn’t think so.

Paul J Schmidt is owner/production director of UnoDeuce Multimedia, a full service video production company based in Lansing, Michigan that specializes in creative visual storytelling for small businesses and non-profit organizations. You can connect with them at www.unodeuce.com