Video marketing has been gaining momentum over the past few years. Research says that, for 92% of digital marketers, video is a fundamental part of their marketing strategy. Moreover, 99% of marketers that are already using videos will continue to do so in 2020.

Apart from helping you keep pace with your competitors, video marketing will benefit your online presence in multiple ways. Here are some of them.

1. Improving Conversions

One of the greatest benefits of video marketing lies in the fact that it builds trust with your target audience and lets you familiarize them with your products. When wanting to solve a specific problem or learn more about your brand, online users will expect you to provide simple explanations.

This is exactly where creating unique and interactive videos can help. According to Social Media Today, 90% of online consumers emphasize a video helps them make a shopping decision. Moreover, 64% of online consumers will buy a product after an ad about it.

There are many ways to boost conversions using video content. For example, create engaging videos when building AdWords campaigns. Given that 35% of online ad budget goes to video ads, this is an opportunity for you to maintain a competitive advantage. Using video in email marketing is also important. An introductory email that contains a video can boost your click-through rate by 96%. Finally, inserting videos into your landing pages can maximize conversion rates by 80%.

2. Humanizing your Brand and Building Strong Relationships with Customers

Today’s customers want to learn more about your brand’s missions, values, and goals before buying from you. This is where, again, video content plays a fundamental role. Videos help you show the human side of your brand, letting you tell your story in a more engaging way and evoke emotions in users. For example, you could use videos on your website to share your employees’ stories and customer testimonials. This will build trust with your prospective buyers, letting them put a face to your product.

One of the most powerful video types to use to boost brand image is live videos. According to Cisco, live video will account for 13% of all traffic by 2021. As 82% of your target audience prefers live videos from your brand to social posts, it is time to learn how to create and optimize killer live videos for social.

People love Facebook Live or Instagram stories because they offer them personal glances of your new projects, offices, staff, etc. Use ephemeral stories to provide a natural, face-to-face interaction with customers. For example, you could create behind-the-scenes videos of your staff, parties, important events, etc., to humanize your brand. As stories disappear after 24 hours, they will also create a more real-time feel and evoke FOMO (fear of missing out). As such, they are perfect for promoting time-sensitive offers.

3. Informing and Educating

When making purchases, online customers have too many options. They don’t want brands to sell to them anymore. Instead, they want you to explain how your products work and why you are better than your competition. This is where they rely on videos. Stats say that 98% of users have watched an explainer video to learn how a product works. That is exactly why 45% of companies that invest in video marketing have already added an explainer video to their home pages.

Therefore, to explain how your products work, you need to invest in video marketing, too. To familiarize your audiences with complex concepts, you could create animated videos. As they are a perfectly balanced mixture of nostalgia, simplicity, emotions, and entertainment, they will let you send the right message to your target audience without. Instead of overwhelming them with lots of text, you will intrigue them and encourage them to click on your site and learn more about you.

4. Enhancing your Online Presence

According to Cisco, more than 80% of all traffic will include video content by 2021. Google loves video content for a simple reason – its users love videos more than textual content. And, like you already know, Google prioritizes user experiences. Videos will improve your website traffic, CTR, social shares, and dwell time, as well as minimize your bounce rates. These are all important signals that indicate your pages’ relevance and quality, telling Google it should rank you higher in organic searches.

Sure, you will need to optimize your video content for search engines. Invest in quality videos, optimize them for the right keywords, write organic titles and descriptions, and always add backlinks to your website.

Ready to Invest in Video Marketing?

Video remains one of the most popular content formats in 2020 and beyond. And, this makes sense. In today’s AI-driven world, customers are craving for immersive, personalized and, above all, meaningful user experiences. This is where video shines. It takes storytelling to a whole new level, letting you educate prospective customers about your brand’s missions, values, employees, customers, and so forth. Connecting with customers on a more personal level will not only help you boost sales, but also retain customers and maximize brand loyalty.

Have you already used video in your marketing campaigns? What results have you achieved so far? We’d be glad to hear from you!


Keith Coppersmith is a business and marketing expert who has experienced both the rise and fall of many businesses. As a regular contributor at BizzmarkBlog, he enjoys writing and providing insight into the marketing industry based on both practice and theory.