When you’re an employee who’s working really hard for a company, it’s really helpful when the employer acknowledges that hard work with appreciation. As an employer, it’s very important to make sure you never take your great employees for granted. When you have loyal employees who give their all every day, there are many ways you can show honor and appreciation for all they do. Consider the following ways you can show appreciation throughout the year.

Free Meals

Don’t just wait until you see your employees working late in order to provide dinner. Instead, order ahead and cater lunch for the team. Depending on your company budget, you might decide to do this once a week or once a month. Either way, it’s a great way to develop community and camaraderie amongst the team. Plus, nothing expresses appreciation quite as food does. Partner with a corporate restaurant delivery service to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Telecommuting Option

If your team worked particularly hard throughout one week, give them the option to telecommute on the following workday. This doesn’t mean that they have the day off. However, it does mean that they get to enjoy the beauty of sleeping in a little longer because they don’t have to sit in traffic for hours. Plus, they’ll get to work in the comfort of their homes.

Employee of the Month

Create a large gift basket to present to one team member each month. Consider some of the ways a particular employee has demonstrated that they’re deserving of the title. When they win, present them with a large gift basket that’s wrapped in cellophane. Include a range of nice gifts inside. Add coffee, tea, and fun snacks. Throw in a few gift cards to local restaurants and spas. Add a great pair of headphones or air pods. A portable coffee mug can be a great addition as well.

An Extra Day of PTO

When you have employees who work extremely hard to give their all to a company, they deserve to take a break. While the benefits package might already include a certain number of paid days off, add an additional day. Reward it at any time throughout the year. You can also reward it as you see fit. When employees see that hard work really does pay off in the form of days off, that’s an incentive to work more efficiently and diligently.

These incentives might not seem very big at first. However, it’s the thought that counts the most. A kind act is a great way to telling an employee that you see them and value all they bring to the table. When you maintain this ritual, it’ll also be a lot easier to retain great talent.

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