Starting an online business is always complicated. You used to run your business in a good old-fashioned manner making numerous calls to potential customers, distributing leaflets, placing advertising banners, etc.

You used to do your marketing campaign like your business predecessors did.

Unfortunately, practice shows that all these methods of classic marketing don’t work in the modern world.

Every entrepreneur moves the business to the internet. And it is not surprising. Online business has completely pushed out the traditional ways of managing any kind of business for today.

Thus, those small businesses who have just launched their first startup struggle for some actionable marketing hacks from the start.

Likely, I am going to reveal 10+ marketing hacks that won’t leave small businesses upset.

Let’s start!

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  1. Create Content That Is Relevant to Your Business Goals.

Let’s imagine that you are one of those small business representatives who run an eCommerce store.

You sell customized guitars that are crafted with your own hands. You know that the guitars you craft are of high-quality wood and have a unique design. The sound of these guitars is professional with perfect sustain.

You have written an epic post that covers all delicate processes of a guitar crafting and you have proven the practicability of playing the customized guitars from your brand.

You noticed that the post has started to rank well and it brings lots of visitors to your website. You started to believe that your online business will succeed and you’ll get a bunch of customers.

I believe there is no amateur or professional musician who would refuse to get a guitar like this one:


However, you can see that only a small group of visitors has turned into paying customers.

You are quite confused about this. Why does it happen?

The problem is very simple and clear. Your piece of content doesn’t cover your business needs and goals.

But what if you wrote your post in a slightly different manner covering something like “Top 10 Best Ecommerce Custom Guitar Shop Across Virginia” and would mention your online shop there?

That would be a completely new ball game for your website! It will make your content structure relevant to your business goals.

To accomplish this aim you should keep in mind these two aspects:

  1. Always do proper keyword research to see that you target the topic that is in-demand among your potential customers.
  2. You should try to create the content that would highlight the value of your product. 


2. Content Repurposing

It should be said that people like to spend their time on various places online. Some like to hang out on YouTube; some are addicted to forums or social media channels. Whatever the case – content always differs.

What does it mean for you?

It means that you should analyze your target audience’s preferences in terms of content and repurpose it afterward. But it doesn’t mean to stop creating some exact type of content completely. Tastes differ and you must be flexible with your content.

A few examples of what you can do:

  • We have written a pretty solid post on guest blogging and we decided to repurpose it in a suitable and informative “tweet”:

Here are three suggestions what you should follow when you are thinking of content repurposing:

  1. Try different formats of content (video, infographics, images, etc.)
  2. Create separate posts from a single in-depth topic
  3. Turn your content into a visual presentation 


3. Your Customers are like Walking Advertisements

I am sure you are familiar with the fact that lots of companies run their SWAG campaigns to make a brand awareness stronger.

Let’s review a few examples first.

A well-known video gaming corporation Valve that released such world-class games as Half-Life and Counter-Strike has its own SWAG campaign:


Music brand Ibanez runs SWAG campaign as well: