It’s always inspiring to meet a founder who truly radiates passion for the mission their business seeks to fulfill. Today on Expert Connexions, we’re excited to introduce Meegan Winters, Co-Founder and CEO of AbleVu—an innovative startup working to make the world accessible to all people.

Beginning with her background in teaching special education, Meegan recognized the challenges that people with both visible and invisible disabilities face in having access to the same experiences and opportunities as the rest of the population, and she chose to take action!

Tune in to today’s inspiring startup story to learn more about:

How Meegan’s initial startup, Able Eyes, has grown and adapted with AbleVu and the seriously eye-opening “why” behind them both.

Practical ways to transition into the startup world with your impactful idea even if you don’t necessarily have prior business experience.

The challenges a founder might face in scaling a business with a deeply rooted social mission, learning to balance the passion behind it with the need to offer investors a clear path to a return on their investment.

Meegan offers wisdom and guidance from her own journey that will prove invaluable to startup founders of all stages—her insights are a must for any entrepreneur!