We’ve talked in previous episodes about various ways you can incorporate artificial intelligence into your business model to forge ahead of the competition, but today we’re excited to feature a crossover where two of our favorite topics—AI and marketing—fuse together.

Join us to hear how today’s expert, Adam Stoker, has created a custom GPT agent to serve niche marketing purposes for his destination marketing agency.

Adam shares profound insights on:

The evolutionary path of AI in the marketing world, and why you simply can’t afford to overlook it!

How his team harnesses the power of large language models to deliver cutting-edge marketing strategies to their clients.

Dispelling fears surrounding AI adoption in marketing and highlighting its role as an invaluable ally in strategy execution.

How the imminent shift from an era of information to an era of answers will impact the marketing world and the strategies of businesses everywhere.
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Learn more about Adam Stoker: https://relicagency.com/