Welcome to Episode 21 of Arts Roll Call–a podcast for the arts curious. In this episode, host Robin Miner-Swartz talks with artist and writer, Sarah Hillman about her array of mediums and interests as an artist–from rock art to birds and celebrity portraits. They explore how her childhood guided her curiosity and what it means to be part of the arts community in Greater Lansing.

About Arts Roll Call
Arts Roll Call pulls back the curtain to explore the lived experience of artists and arts organizations in the Greater Lansing region. Presented by Arts Council Greater Lansing and hosted by local celebrity Robin Miner-Swartz, this podcast was created to give the Council’s members an opportunity to share their thoughts and talk about the role of the arts and why they are important to the region and the community. Whether you are from the Greater Lansing area or not, if you are a lover of arts and culture, you will enjoy getting a peek into the creative minds of these leaders and makers in the arts. For more information on the Arts Council of Greater Lansing, visit lansingarts.org. This production is sponsored by UnoDeuce Multimedia and Miner-Swartz Editing & Consulting.