Taking risks, shameless hustle, and serial entrepreneurship all led this week’s expert to her current startup venture: Sober(ish).

Founder Kim Gamez says her quest to find the buzz without the booze led her first to TikTok, where she built a following — and a revenue stream.

She’s no stranger to starting new businesses and the questions that all startups face:

Bootstrap or seek external funding? How to create a unique product in a competitive market? And how to turn a personal passion into a successful business model?

Join us for an all-new episode as Julie Holton talks with founder Kim Gamez about bootstrapping her newest startup, Sober(ish). Discover the journey behind creating a non-alcoholic beverage brand that stands out, and hear how personal experiences and market trends influence Kim’s approach to entrepreneurship.

Kim also shares insights from her previous venture, Mi Padrino, which was featured in Forbes and the Today Show, and her transition to a new challenge in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Learn about the importance of community building, and get expert advice for turning your passion into a profitable business.