Do you know which marketing trends to follow in 2023? A quick Google search will generate endless lists and how-to strategies for businesses. But how do you know which marketing trends are here to stay, and which are just a passing fad? Tim Haines, Founder of Symposia, will cover 2023’s most important trends during the Lansing Marketing Hackers’ next in-person event. This thought-provoking presentation will cover some of the biggest questions facing marketers today, including: 🎯 Which digital platforms should be de-emphasized and which content types deserve more attention 🎯 The validity of “people-focused” and “purpose-driven” marketing 🎯 The importance of website user experience and local search 🎯 The growing concern of social media ethics and data privacy. Hosted by: WLNS, UnoDeuce Multimedia, mConnexions

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