Do you struggle to convert your subscribers into paying customers? Unfortunately, your job isn’t done once you have someone’s email address; it
just started.

The most important thing is the caliber of your mailing list. Every company eventually gathers email subscribers who merely delete, throw away, never open, or click their emails.

Therefore, ensure that all invalid email addresses are removed from the system using an email validation solution. You should always send a welcome email to a new lead or contact. You should configure an automation marketing program to send the welcome email instead of sending a usual newsletter at first.

Sending emails with information to share is another common email marketing error many marketers face. Customers may forget about your company or unsubscribe because of not receiving emails from you. Plan your campaigns wisely with the relevant information for the relevant audience.

According to statistics on email marketing, an individual receives roughly 121 emails every day. Due to this, people who receive too many irrelevant email newsletters eventually unsubscribe from them. So send a limited number of emails that your customers will appreciate instead.

Additionally, companies and brands send emails only out of necessity. And since recipients won’t be interested in opening or going on those, this could harm their reputation.

To ensure that customers have a great experience with your business, create valuable content for your audience by getting to know their requirements, concerns, etc.

Only a few marketing emails are tailored to the subscriber’s choices. Therefore, give customer segmentation top emphasis.

Subject lines directly impact the open rate of the email. Reduced open rates can result from writing poor subject lines. Write subject lines that are concise, pleasant, professional-sounding, direct, and customized. Don’t use all caps either. Along with that there are many other mistakes you need to avoid which are present in this infographic.

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email marketing mistakes

Infographic by NotifyVisitors: Email Marketing Mistakes

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