A great sales email is crucial to increasing the number of successful responses you gain from leads. Formulating a foolproof structure for your emails in advance will save time and help you focus on developing personalized and authentic emails for every prospect.

A successful sales email needs to have the following:

  • Persuasive subject line
  • Personalized opening line
  • Relatability to the prospect’s goal
  • Clear call to action
  • Modest signature

No matter your sales methodology, it’s vital that the language of your email isn’t perceived as spammy or generic. Ask questions your lead will be interested in answering. Express interest in their company and show confidence that they will send you a reply.

When you find a balance between a structured format and personalized subject matter, it will give you and your team the ability to send more emails to more leads and have a higher response rate.

The following infographic will show you the anatomy of a great sales email.


Nicholas Rubright is a digital marketing specialist and expert writer at IRC. In his free time, Nicholas enjoys playing guitar, writing music, and building cool things on the internet.