You see what I’m doing right here, talking to you, to the camera, telling you a little bit about something you should know. Well, this is something you should know.

Hi, I’m Paul Schmidt, the owner & creative video strategist for UnoDeuce multimedia. And I want to talk to you about vlogging. What is vlogging? Well, actually, it’s what it sounds like. It’s blogging except with video. And why is that important now? Well, basically, people want to know who you are, what you’re up to, what you’re thinking, why you do what you do, how do you do it when, and where’s it going to be?
All that stuff is important to your audience. You may not think it is, but it really is. You may not think you have anything smart to say, however, you own a business or you run a business where you’re running an organization. People want to know what you’re up to, how you do it, what’s your day like, and that’s exactly what’s important.

And now there’s more and more tools that do that. Not only that, but those tools all incorporate video. So when it comes to vlogging, it doesn’t necessarily have to be sitting on your website. However you have social pages, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, all of those obviously incorporate video. And those are places where you can do your thought leadership.

You can talk about your business. Things that you struggle with, things that obstacles you’ve overcome, success stories, positive things who you’re partnering with. All these things are important. And it’s going to be one of these crucial aspects that more and more people want to dive into because they want to know the authentic you.

They want to know who they’re doing business with. They want to know if the organization that they want to donate or sponsor is up to great things because they want to be aligned with it. It aligns with their mission. They want to align with your mission. So all of those things are very important. And with that, I know that I mentioned in the last Uno tips video about live streaming, and this is another place where you can do it.

You can live vlog. And so places like Instagram and Facebook have go live features and functionality, that you can really take advantage of, on the spot on the fly. Like if you’re having an event or, you know, bringing people in that type of thing, all of that, but vlogging really comes down to you and what’s going on in your brain, how people can tap into it and how people can get to know you.

That’s what I’m doing now. I’m putting this on our website and our YouTube channel. That’s how we decided to distribute this. So that, you can learn more about me. However, I also use my personal profile to do videos, short reels, uh, live going live to talk about a little bit about myself, um, outside of UnoDeuce, but also what UnoDeuce is doing and what it means to me.

So that’s the thought process for a thought leader as yourself. If you liked what I had to say. Give this video, a big thumbs up and also subscribe to our email newsletter. So you can catch up with everything that we’re putting out here, both vlogs and not vlogs and all that stuff. Along with client videos, we’d like to see you there.

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