Take a look at this infographic to find out how you can supercharge your marketing strategy with smart segmentation and personalisation technologies. 

One of the biggest phenomento hit the world of marketing in recent years, personalisation technologies are set to transform the industry as we know it. 2019 is seeing an unprecedented number of brands integrating personalisation and smart segmentation into their campaigns.  

The Power of Personalisation 

Studies indicate that there is a well-developed consumer appetite for more tailored shopping experiences57% of consumers say that they would be happy to swap personal data for more personalised offers. As the below infographic demonstrates, a well-orchestrated personalisation campaign can result in higher conversion rates and increased customer retention among other things.   

Getting Started with Personalisation  

To get your personalised marketing campaign off the ground you will need a reliable CRM system and access to a sophisticated analytics platform. It is also essential to have a deep and well-researched understanding of your customers’ buying motives, demographics, wants, needs, and interests.   

Want to Learn More?  

If you would like to find out more about how marketing personalisation can help your business, then we recommend this highly informative infographic from the team at M2OnHold. This helpful guide outlines the fundamentals of personalisation and offers some handy tips on how to implement a personalised marketing campaign.  

Read the infographic below to learn more today. 

Personalization Infographic

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