You’ve worked hard to create amazing content and have spent thousands of dollars of your budget to hire writers, actors, and editors. Obviously, you want to make sure that your company is getting the most out of all that hard work. However, in order for that to happen, your video needs to get enough views to begin bringing in people onto your website/physical store. The best way to accomplish that is to ensure that your video is being posted within the right places where it can get as many views as possible. Read on to learn a few of the locations where your video can thrive.

Travel Websites

Whether you are in the food or the hospitality industry, placing your videos within several travel websites is a great way to obtain a lot of views. This is because people traveling to or past your city want to know their needs are going to be met. This can be a great advantage to your business as many smaller companies tend to neglect this area as they believe search engines such as Google are going to be enough.

All Your Social Media Platforms

Every business, if they wish to be successful, will have an online presence. In fact, most people will likely follow their favorites companies on social media rather than waiting for official news and emails. Thus posting your marketing videos on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can help you not only reach your core base but collect valuable data about who is actually interacting with your website.

Streaming Services

When people say that television ads are dead, they don’t mean streaming channels. In fact, each year, more and more people are cutting the cable cord and relying on streaming services such as Hulu for their entertainment. Working with a media company such as DX Media Direct provides you with the opportunity to reach a large number of people. In addition, several streaming services such as Hulu even allow customers to click on the ads, which can greatly improve your website traffic.
As a business owner, ensuring that your marketing videos are being exposed to as many customers as possible is incredibly important to the success of your business. However, all that begins with choosing to place your videos within the right areas. That is why it is highly recommended to follow the information above and begin applying it to your next batch of marketing videos.

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