Starting out into the world of small business can be a daunting prospect. Without a degree in business management, which most of us do not have, we have to start from scratch with what we have available. However, it is a relief to know you are not alone. People across the globe are all starting small businesses. There is a massive boom. This means that many companies and software developers offer free marketing tools for small businesses online. Here is our comprehensive list of free marketing tools for your small business that you did not know you needed.


Sumo is an online resource to help small businesses grow their websites. It has a free version and a paid version. The free one is well-rounded and full of tools that will help you boost your marketing. Visit here for a look at the pricing list and what you get for free.

It has a fully customizable design and can be shared to socials. It comes with visitor targeting to help you grow your site and you can send 10,000 emails per month. You can create welcome emails and email campaigns which help you market your business.

It also has eCommerce features, including discount codes and a whole section for analytics. It is worth giving a go no matter what your business for the email features alone.

Yoast WordPress Plug-In

The Yoast Plug-In is amazing and completely free. Use it in combination with your Word Press site to fully equip your business with all the SEO weapons you can. It comes with a whole repertoire of tools, including ‘indexables’, update reminders for pages, full control over your breadcrumbs, markers for sponsored links, one-word keyword optimization, access to free courses and so much more. It has a premium version available that comes with real-time support and much more SEO capability.


Logo Creator is a great tool that is entirely free to use. You can create a professional and well-designed logo in minutes. Add your logo to the marketing you produce to create a professional look for your business. It will also help people remember who you are and feel as if they can trust you. Add it to your social pages, website and emails, plus it works as a free advert every time someone looks at your site.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a fun, free tool that is simple to use and does not require a sign-up. You type in keywords from your business that you want to market and it will search the internet to find out questions people are asking in relation to those keywords. This means you can extend your keywords and create marketing and content that is related to the most searched questions, propositions, comparisons, ‘alphabeticals’ and related words.

  • For example, if you run a furniture shop and type in ‘furniture shop’. You will find it comes up with questions like:
    ‘That furniture shop’
  • ‘Furniture shop in…’
  • ‘Are furniture shops allowed to open?’
  • ‘Furniture shop like IKEA’
  • ‘Furniture shop near me’

These are all keywords and leading questions you can use that will help you climb Google rankings and get your marketing seen.

Utilizing free tools to market your small business can be a great way of saving your money for when it is needed. Remember to try out free trials and get a good feel for the tool before you decide to sign up. Once you have a few subscriptions in business, it can quickly mount up. Do not pay for something when you can get it for free elsewhere until you make enough profit to validate it!

Jenny has recently left a corporate gig to pursue her freelance writing career. She’s a passionate writer and covers topics in the finance, business, tech and advertising niches. If she’s not writing you can either find her reading, jogging or planning her next surfing adventure.

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