Instagram is one of the most mainstream social networking sites in the world. Currently, 120 million Indians are Instagrammers. It is popular for sharing pictures through posts and stories. Interaction is also possible through the chat feature as well. Recently they introduced their newest feature Reels at the end of June 2020. It was launched to challenge the widely popular Chinese application Tik-Tok. It allows users to create 15-sec videos with custom music.

In a short time, it got popular amongst users and has started several trends specifically for reels. These trends are followed by users, influencers, and even celebrities. Many showcase their unique talents through the reels. There are some specific influencers popular for specific reels.

Although it is widely popular amongst the users for entertainment purposes Brands can use it for effective marketing. It is a fabulous way to create a lasting impression on the audience

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  1. Understand the correlation with Tik Tok

Though Tik Tok is banned in India, across the globe it is still popular. Though IG Reels is a competitor of Tik Tok it’s not a trendsetter. Often popular Tik Tok trends are being followed on Reels after week. Hence, it is essential to understand how Tik Tok and Reels function as different application options as well as competitors.

If your brand is aware of what works and wh-at doesn’t on Tik Tok you can choose what to follow. Now, when your brand is working on IG reels you can use this information to stay ahead in the game.

When used effectively this knowledge of trends can make you a trendsetter in IG Reels. This will add to your brand’s credibility and general value. Once popular as a trendsetter your followers can increase and your brand can have better visibility.

2. Get inspired

Sephora is an extremely popular brand among cosmetic users. It is also one of the leading brands in terms of IG reels. As of now, they have around 20M followers on Instagram. Every reel shared by the brand has gone viral. They have been successful in capturing the attention of their beauty-obsessed followers and customers. It makes them stand out.

As a brand trying to market itself on a new platform, try to know what the popular brands are doing. Check the work of your competitors and those who belong to a different category than you. Try to understand what works in whose favor. Catch up with the trends while making your own.

3. Instagram pushes brands which use all their features

Instagram is also a business itself. Understand there’s always more than reaching your audience. Instagram has a virtual community to which they cater in many ways. They want the community to use all of their features. As Reels is the newest addition, Instagram pushes Reels towards the community to popularize the feature. As a user, it is a way you get rewarded for using their feature.

As a brand, you should use every feature given by Instagram. Effective use of all their features and the application itself will start promoting your content resulting in better visibility for the brand. Know how things work with the platform which you’re dealing with.

4. Information wins

Instead of sticking to trends and entertainment value that comes from eye-catching content try to be specific with the kind of content you share. It’s not compulsory to play with the established rules when it comes to social media. Try to be different. Share some informational content with your followers. Explain these things in detail. You can even use this tactic to debunk myths about your brand or the offering. Use it to answer the queries of your audience. Make it intriguing while at the same time keeping it educational.

5. You need to increase fanbase irrespective of the followers’ count

Understand that not only engagement but also the number of your fanbase plays an important role. You can’t stop at a significant number of followers thinking this is enough. You have to be visible to the potential followers as well. To appear on the discovery pages understand how the IG algorithm works. It pushes the content based on views and likes. It doesn’t take comments and conversion into account. Try to make different styles of content instead of restricting to just one type.

6. Collaboration

Involve different influencers and include their creative vision as well. Try to sponsor their content to promote your brand. They can appear on your page with a challenge of theirs or you can sponsor their content and get your brand featured in their content. Involve them in the process, make it interesting. Keep the connections and use them regularly.

7. Create Challenges of your own

Reels are all about different challenges. Understand your brand and its image. Try to create a challenge that will represent and showcase your brand in an interesting way. This can encourage others to take part in it. Challenges can create a lot of non-sponsored content that will benefit your brand.

8. Tease the audience

Use reels are a teaser tool for promotional purposes. Show your new product/ service/logo or generally something that can excite your audience. Even a simple countdown with reels can do wonders in terms of increasing followers’ interest. Don’t show them the entire thing but use reels as a sneak peek to get them talking.

9. Use your music

Use your custom music which will be associated with your brand exclusively. This can create a higher recall for your brand in the minds of the followers. Plus it is always fun to start something new. Your music can be your brain’s way of setting the trend. It can be helpful for identity.

10.Be creative and strategic

Information and knowledge that a brand has been of no use without creativity. Your sincere effort should be accompanied by a bit of creativity. This can add a little twist to increase visibility. Have a video marketing strategy but don’t make it super monotonous. Social media is often a break for people from the daily hectic schedule. Make sure to have fun with how you use reels.

To conclude this, we can say that every new feature on social media is a new promotion opportunity for businesses. The virtual world can open a lot of doors for those who don’t want to miss out on anything. Stay updated and be creative. As the virtual world grows the opportunities grow along with it. Make sure to understand and use them effectively.


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