If no one visits your store online, does it even exist? Ignoring the existential connotations of that question, it certainly won’t bring you any money. For a website to be profitable, it must generate qualified leads or sales. 

Building a fantastic website is reasonably straightforward. Getting those qualified leads or sales is where it becomes tricky. With millions of sites competing for attention, the web is like a massive, congested market.

By creating an excellent site, you’ve already taken the first steps. In this post, we’re going to go over what to do next. We’ll look at seven great digital marketing tips to help you promote your business.

  1. Ensure That Your Site Displays Well Across a Range of Devices

For the best results, design your website with a mobile-first mindset. In other words, make sure that the pages look good on the smallest screes possible. Around 62% of the global population access the internet on mobile devices. In practical terms, that means that if your site is geared for desktop users instead, you might lose six out of ten visitors.

Fortunately, optimizing for mobile is relatively simple if you stick to clear design lines. Make sure that your website is:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Displays in one column on mobile
  • Loads quickly
  • Is of a responsive design

   2. Consider Enlisting the Assistance of Influencers

Love them or hate them, influencers are here to stay. The influencer market’s value skyrocketed from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $6.5 billion in 2019.

Look for an influencer that operates within your industry or something similar. Find someone that has similar brand values to your company’s. Assess the likelihood of the potential ambassador for embarrassing your brand.

It’s a task that’ll require much research, but an effort in this direction should pay off. Work toward creating a mutually beneficial relationship between you and the influencer that you choose.

It’s usually best to work with influencers who will use your products. Finding the right mix of experience and enthusiasm may take a fair amount of research. Considering that this should become a long-term partnership, it’s worth the effort.

   3. Level up Your Email Marketing Efforts

The days of blasting everyone on your email list with the same boring message are over. Clients are fast becoming intolerant of marketers with no regard for their time. If you haven’t done so already, split your email list into different categories of clients.

You might, for example, group together everyone who buys a particular product. You could split them according to geographic location. How you create your categories is up to you. The point is that you’ll now be able to create a targeted message for the people within each category.

Now, instead of bombarding everyone on your list whenever you’re running a promotion, you pick those you think it’s relevant too. By doing this, you’re showing your clients that you value their time and only send them promotions that apply directly to them.

   4. Make Your Video Content Shine

Videos are great tools. They don’t require much effort on the part of users. All they have to do is to settle down in front of the screen and hit play.

When it comes to selling products, videos are far more effective than a written description. Consider having a demonstration video showcasing your top of the line models. You could also provide tutorials on how to use the products on a separate YouTube channel.

Give viewers an insight into how things work behind the scenes. Interview employees or customers so that the viewers learn more about your brand.

Think about topics that make your channel a useful resource for your viewers. An interview with a successful business owner in the area could help those starting. A local skating legend giving a few tips about trick skating might be of interest to the community.

Get creative and shoot videos that matter.

   5. Prioritize SEO

There are many conflicting messages about SEO out there. Some say that if you provide great content, the traffic will follow. We say that it doesn’t hurt to hedge your bets. Ensure that you publish stellar content that your visitors will want to share, but don’t rely on that alone.

Perform some keyword searches to ensure that you target the right keywords and variations of them. Use the keywords in the heading, a subheading, tags, meta description, and, where possible, URL.

Ensure that the text is written flawlessly and reads well for human readers on all pages. Descriptions should contain all the information that the client requires without being overly sales focused.

Don’t stop at your website. Use your blog as an opportunity to provide a valuable resource and show off your industry expertise at the same time. 

   6. Enhance Your Campaign by Supporting a Worthy Cause

We all wish that businesses would support causes simply because they were worthy causes. That’s not the way the world works. Companies today might have strong social values, but they also need to cash in on the assistance they provide.

Consider creating a campaign to support a worthy cause. For example, you could sponsor a virtual fun run to raise money for a local animal shelter. Naturally, as the sponsor, you could donate your products. Failing that, you at least get to put up your banners. The charity and its supporters will promote your event. Your business looks good by association.

Final Notes

There are several creative ways to market your business, even when you’re operating on a shoestring budget. Sometimes, all it takes is a little creativity. Brainstorm ideas with your team and check what other businesses in the area are doing.

The process of driving traffic to your store requires an ongoing commitment. A straightforward algorithm update might destroy months of effort in the blink of an eye. By keeping an eye on the marketing news, you’ll be able to forecast potentially disruptive influences and tweak your website before they decimate your traffic.


Oleg Deneka, founder of Techpricecrunch.com with a strong desire to help wanderers, lost among endless sites and blogs, by providing top-notch statistics and verified numbers.
While he’s not working with the talented and equally enthusiastic team, he enjoys jogging, mountain climbing, and language learning.