Being a business owner, you must know that logos are made for the identification of the brand. A simple logo image identifies the company or its products in a very basic way; it’s amusing to see that when a logo appears to a user, he can connect it with the representative brand within a split second. For instance, what comes in your mind when you see a half-bitten apple or a small blue “f” against a white background? The famous tech company based in California and one of the largest social networking site Facebook, right? This is exactly what branding is! Your customers should be able to identify your logo from others within a split second. So what are the five essential components that should be present in all great logos?

Here is a list of them:


A good logo is always simple and unique. Customers always remember a simple logo more efficiently than a complex one. You can use your logo as a pitch to your potential clients and customers. A complicated logo will be difficult to modify over time and it will fail to engage with the audience. You can compare the logo to a business pitch, just the way pitch describes the quality of your services and makes the brand image, the same role is played by the logo.


Remember that a good logo is always adjustable and versatile, it should be easily modifiable. The graphics and fonts should be simple so that they can easily be used in different mediums. A good logo should not be limited to a particular font or size, it should always look good and aesthetic.


We all can remember the famous brands we use and identify them with only their logos or taglines, right? That is what effective marketing is and every business owner should aim to achieve it. A great logo should always be memorable and simple to describe. There are 90% chances that customers will remember a unique and simple logo as compared to the complex ones.

Deliver your message

Can a simple thing like a logo or brand name convey a message to the audience? Off course. A picture speaks a thousand words. You don’t always need words to deliver a strong message. The color, size, and font of the logo should always be set in a combination that is pleasing to the eye and easy to remember. A sophisticated logo tells a lot about the capabilities and aesthetic sense of the brand and these things go hand in hand.

Color and fonts

You should select the color and font of the logo very wisely, it should be timeless and easily modifiable. Remember, your logo will define the theme and color scheme of your website as well. And you should also check your logo in black and white and greyscale, a good logo should look good either way.

In case you are planning to run a new business, you can visit any nearby logo design services in Dallas TX. Don’t forget to include all the above-mentioned elements in your logo.


Author Bio:

Fernando Groves is a creative writer at DesignsAnHour, focusing on brand strategy, social media, and websites & logos. He is passionate about the continuous innovation within the digital environment and the endless growth opportunities that inbound marketing brings. Connect with him on Twitter: @FernandoGrovex