In 2020, there’s a surprising upswing in email engagement as customers turn to engaging with brands digitally. The urgent shift to lockdown, overnight in some countries, has seen email open rates increase significantly in the last two months. Iterable research reported in Forbes showed that from March-April 2020 alone, email open-rates and click-throughs shot up by 21% and 14% respectively. Businesses therefore are in a virtually unprecedented position to utilise tech and rich media to connect with their customers all while seeing qualitative and quantitative results; Iterable’s data also measured an 8.5% increase in purchases attributed to email for the same period. In this uncertain market, that’s positive news.

What we can observe from this is that customers largely unable to visit stores in person are turning to brands in different ways. The logical strategic move for all business owners is that it’s absolutely the time to work on winning over customers via their inbox. One high-impact way to do that is video. The last 10 years has seen video content boom, as Bethany Stechanfeld aptly says, “Especially as the world is shifting towards remote, online video provides a human-to-human lifeline for marketers to engage customers, show value, and drive more business online.” Combining video with email is a no-brainer, especially when you consider how it can be personalised to inspire, engage, inform, and entertain customers all while reinforcing your brand story.

Video marketing experts One Productions are keen to help you learn more about this so your email marketing performs. They’ve shared this infographic, Video In Email Marketing, so you can delve further into the statistics, benefits, scope, and practical implementation of this marketing niche. What’s key across industries is that your customer expects value from email marketing: not another generic email out to the subscriber list. Start with a simple video type like an animated explainer or value-adding How To then you steer the direction: the number one rule to remember is a short, impactful clip is what retains the user’s attention.


Tom Hopkins is the Managing Director of One Productions, a video production company based in Dublin, Ireland.