Check out this very helpful list below. Here are five ways you can speed up business productivity. These strategies will help you get the results you seek no matter your industry or business size.

1. Open Your Office Space Up

You might want to open your office space up. And there are several ways you can accomplish this. You can change the layout of your office. But don’t forget to pay attention to your lighting, too. A dark space does not create an open feeling for your workspace.

When it comes to layout changes you could make, you might want to limit the number of private offices. You also want to try and make sure you do not have many employees that are segmented and away from the rest of their team. Consider consolidating your desks and creating more shared workspaces. As you look to improve the lighting, you want to pay attention to your wall colors, natural light access, and possibly add new lighting products to your office.

2. Use the Right Products

Lighting products are not the only workplace solutions that can help your team. You also want to make that other office products and equipment are conducive to your team’s needs. Without the right products in place for your staff, you can run into productivity issues.

Be sure you have the right software. Make sure you have the products needed for any of your team members that travel for work or for those who ever work from home. And you also want to be certain you have the right technologies in place.

3. Hire Outside IT Consultants

To ensure you have the best technologies for your team, you need to also pay attention to your information technology (IT) framework. You need strong bandwidth, and you need your technologies to be fully integrated.

Even if you have a tech department on your staff, you might want to hire outside IT consultants. You can utilize these experts for one-off needs. And you can look into hiring them for ongoing managed IT services.

4. Be Sure to Coach Your Staff

If you are not regularly coaching your team, then you will not speed up business productivity. Hold one-on-one meetings, team breakouts, and all-staff meetings to coach them. Make sure your leads take this need seriously.

Be sure to encourage your staff to open up about any issues they might have. Also, you want to ensure they feel comfortable opening up to you about ideas they might have that could boost productivity. And don’t wait for only scheduled coaching times to teach your employees. Coach them at any opportunity you might have. Create a culture of coaching.

5. Pay Attention to Employee Wellness

You also want to pay attention to your team’s well-being. Make sure both their physical health and mental health is prioritized. If you have employees who are not doing well, then you can have productivity issues.

Regularly send out communications to your team that highlight ways for them to be healthy. Ask your insurance provider to send someone to your office to talk about this with your staff, too. And remind your employees they should be okay with coming to a supervisor about any health issues they might have.

Prioritize Making These Improvements

The tips above will indeed help you. Make these improvements a priority for your business. And if you have others on your team who might need to offer input, you should share this list with them. See what they have to say about these five suggestions. And best wishes as you move forward with your goals.



Samantha Higgins is a professional writer with a passion for research, observation, and innovation. She is nurturing a growing family of twin boys in Portland, Oregon with her husband. She loves kayaking and reading creative non-fiction.