When you’re an enterprise, may it be a business start-up or an established one, social media is one of the digital marketing tools that you shouldn’t overlook.

Social media pages on Facebook and Twitter can determine search ranking results, especially when search engines like Google find it significant enough to be high up on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

guy sipping frozen coffee on iphoneThis can help increase traffic, engagement, and conversion rates for your business. In addition, social media presence can demonstrate brand power, credibility, and authority.

However, each platform works differently, making it additionally difficult for social media coordinators to what, when, and how to post content. These tips can help you come up with compelling content for these different social media sites.

1. Use the right hashtags

For almost all social media sites, you can leverage hashtags to bring awareness and build like-minded users together, but it’s not recommended to always to use the standard tags. Create your own interesting ones that can help advertise specific content.

2. Create consistently high-quality content

Your followers can recognize your brand and communicate with you through consistent content. In addition, regular social media updates are essential for SEO purposes, especially during prime times for your target audience. Remember to post only intelligent, factual, and relevant information.

3. Review past content to make way for improvement

Discover which posts and topics performed best to know what kind of substantial posts click with your readers. You can also look at trending topics that you can connect to your content.

4. Visuals are important

Photos greatly help in grabbing your audience’s attention and keeping their minds stimulated. Images can also enhance viewer participation and enjoyment.

5. Know your audience

When you have data on your target market, you can easily tailor content to attract the largest segment of that market. You can create the most appealing types of content for them and therefore, improve communication.

6. The right time at the right time

The right content is one that has the highest engagement—likes, shares, and comments—for you, so it’s a good idea to focus on creating more of the similar type of content.

However, the right content should also coincide with the right time. Each social media site has different hours in the day wherein activity and engagement are at its highest, and it’s best to post content around that time.

7. Foster audience involvement

There was an #ALSIceBucketChallenge back in 2017 that encouraged users to give to charity, and to date, is the best example of a social media campaign that made people want to get involved.

Group of 5 friends hanging out on their phonesOther campaigns include previews, sp