The world of cybersecurity is new for many business owners. Without understanding how it all works, it can be very easy to fall for some of the most common myths thrown around about how cybersecurity works. Here are four myths that your business may have fallen for which you should remedy as soon as possible.

A Strong Password Will Protect Your Business

Just because you set password requirements to make it hard to guess, that’s not the only form of login authentication that you need. Rather, you should be utilizing two-factor authentication alongside data monitoring. This will ensure that if hackers can get through the initial password login, they can still be stopped by the second authentication step.

Only Specific Industries Get Targeted By Hackers

While IT companies do tend to target select industries when it comes to their services, it’s important to note that all industries can be targeted. As long as you have some sort of sensitive data, hackers are willing to breach your system. This could be sensitive data about your customers or your business itself.

Anti-Virus Software Is Enough to Keep Out Intruders

This is one of the biggest cybersecurity myths that is out there. While anti-virus software programs are a necessity for business owners, they’re one part of the entire cybersecurity strategy. Your business will need multiple tools to protect against online intruders. Don’t just purchase anti-virus software and assume that you’re fully protected from hackers. That’s simply not the case at all.

Small Businesses Aren’t Targets for Hackers

There are many fish in the sea and it’s easiest to go for the big ones instead of chasing the small ones. That is what we’ve all been mistakenly told when it comes to cybersecurity. This just isn’t the case. Rather, small businesses made up over half the data breaches for businesses last year. Hackers know that small business owners don’t typically take the security measures that big businesses do. Therefore, they know that they can breach small businesses with ease as compared to large businesses.

There are a lot of myths flying around when it comes to the concept of cybersecurity. Understanding what these myths are and what the facts actually are about cybersecurity, you can get a better idea of what your business needs to be better protected in the future. You should enlist the help of a professional IT consultant when it comes to understanding the truth about cybersecurity.


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