The office building in which your company is located says a lot about your business. If the space isn’t right for you, though, you’ll lose more than a sense of comfort. Below are four signs that your office building isn’t quite right for your company.

Constant Work-Arounds

There are certain issues that plague offices, most of which become part of the daily life of the employees. If you notice that your employees are constantly having to work around the faults of your building, though, that’s not a good sign. If employees know the bathrooms back-up, that they can’t use two microwaves at one time, or that the heating only works on the north side of the building, for example, there’s a chance that there’s something very wrong with your current space.

A Lack of Space

Your office building may have been right for your company a few years ago, but now it’s getting a little too crowded. When you do building and construction research, you need to ensure that you’re planning for your future needs and not just those of today. When you start to notice that you’re running out of space for new employees or that you never have enough conference rooms for all your meetings, it might be time to move.

Client Reactions

The way your clients react to your space might show you that your building isn’t right for you. If your clients never want to meet you at your office or if they express surprise that your company operates out a specific space, you’re experiencing an issue that’s causing you to lose potential profits. You need to ensure that your space represents your company in the way you want it represented.

Restrictive Rules

Finally, restrictive rules on how your business can operate can often be a sign that you’re in the wrong place. If you can’t make use of all of your space, if you aren’t able to secure adequate parking for special events, or if you have to follow specific rules that stop your business from operating efficiently, moving makes sense. Restrictions, whether from a landlord or from your community, can have a huge impact on the utility of your space and thus must be examined to determine if they’re worth dealing with.

Your office building should help and not hinder your business. If it’s causing you problems, it may be time to move. Remember, your location can have a huge impact on your business so make sure that your location is the right one.


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