Facebook is one of the best platforms for growing your audience and driving conversions, but many businesses impact their results by making simple mistakes that are easy to avoid. Improving your approach to Facebook marketing will have a significant effect on your ROI.

If you’re not getting the Facebook marketing results you’re after, it might be time to reevaluate your strategies and change the way you approach the channel. These are some of the most common Facebook Ads errors that stop brands from achieving their goals.

Not Focusing on Conversions

Customer journey mapping is one of the hottest trends in digital marketing, and more and more businesses are beginning to look at conversions as a long-term goal. While it’s important to promote long-term engagement, making a sale should be your objective with every Facebook ad.

With that in mind, each ad should be developed to push readers toward making a purchase. Adding a lead to your contact list is a good secondary goal, but only because subscribers are more likely to buy something. It’s important to keep sales at the front of your mind in each Facebook marketing campaign.

laptop on tableUsing the Wrong Statistics

Facebook offers more marketing analytics than any other platform, and these give you unparalleled insight into every piece of content. That said, it’s easy to get distracted by some of the less important numbers and lose sight of the ones that really matter to your business.

Taktical, a performance marketing agency, recommends looking beyond metrics such as reach or likes towards metrics like cost per conversion and cost per click. These tell you exactly what your money is getting with every campaign, and they make it easy to identify which ads need to be revised or replaced.

Sending the Same Ads to Your Entire Audience

Digital marketing used to be as simple as displaying the same ads on different channels, but that approach is now hopelessly outdated. The best marketers take full advantage of Facebook’s audience segmentation features to fine-tune audiences and personalize their content as much as possible.

Facebook allows you to build custom audiences using a wide range of data points including location, age, interests, and previous interactions with your brand. You can also develop lookalike audiences based on your existing leads, helping you identify others who might be interested in your products. Experiment with different custom audiences and see which ones fit your customer personae.

Effective Facebook marketing is crucial for any business, and improving your results is often as simple as making a few quick changes. These are some of the best places to start if you’re looking for ways to update your Facebook marketing practices for 2019.


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