Working on the go and leaving your desk life behind probably sounds pretty good. Even better? You can make it happen with Bestow’s guide on becoming a digital nomad.

Ten or even 20 years ago, working from anywhere would have sounded like a total pipedream. No, an impossibility. Now? More than 70% of workers telecommute at least part of the time. Even more amazing? Some work from anywhere, 100% of the time.

Welcome to the life of a digital nomad.

What is a Digital Nomad?

Unlike regular telecommuters, digital nomads work remotely full-time while also traveling. Many of these nomads will use their freedom to travel all around the world, while others may stick closer to their home base and travel around their country. Regardless, all of them are enjoying their love of travel while still earning a living.

What’s more, many digital nomads are professional travel bloggers, so their travels fund their travels. This is done through affiliate marketing, advertising, and sometimes even sponsorships.

Becoming a Digital Nomad

It’s not all play, though. Digital nomads work hard and have to carefully balance their travel with their jobs, making sure they don’t shirk their responsibilities.

There’s also an intense amount of discipline that comes with traveling and working at the same time. Working too much can result in neglecting the destination they chose, while enjoying their short-term home can result in their job falling apart.

Beyond discipline, digital nomads also have to think about finances – a lot – and make sure they’re always budgeting correctly for their destination. What lasts months in one country may only last weeks in another, so careful research and planning are a must.

This is only scratching the surface of what goes into becoming a digital nomad. To make things simpler, Bestow has created an in-depth infographic on becoming a digital nomad to get you started!


John Shieldsmith is a writer based out of Austin. He has several years of content marketing and freelance writing experience spread across numerous industries. In his spare time he enjoys chasing around his son, running his website, and trying every food under the sun.