When it comes to running a successful online business, investing in internet marketing techniques is important. This includes social media, SEO, video marketing, SEM among others. However, among these, one technique that can help to improve your site’s traffic and ranking considerably is search engine optimization (SEO). It can help improve your brand’s visibility online and drive targeted traffic to your site. It can also help improve your ROI. More importantly, it can help improve user experience, thereby effectively reducing the bounce rate on your site.

Implementing the best SEO practices on your website is important if you want to drive greater conversions. But, SEO can be challenging and as a newbie, you would require a lot of time to fully grasps the many factors it involves. The two main categories that SEO is divided into is on-page and off-page. They both include a number of factors that can help improve your site’s performance.

However, these factors are constantly evolving as per the latest Google updates and algorithm changes. If you miss out on these, you are bound to make silly SEO mistakes that could hurt your siteís ranking as well as traffic. Thus, to steer clear from this, here is an infographic that has listed the common SEO mistakes website owners make, which needs to be rectified now.

The below infographic comprises 25+ common SEO mistakes. This includes both on-page as well as off-page SEO mistakes. By rectifying them, you’d be able to improve your ranking on the search result. It would also help increase website traffic and conversion. Thus, do check out the infographic to know what these mistakes are. And, take a look at this guide for more information on how to rectify these SEO mistakes.


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