With gadgets advancing further and internet connection not getting any slower, it’s only a matter of time before more than half of the world’s population is plugged and logged in on their social media accounts.

The estimated number of social media users today is at 3.19 billion, encompassing the baby boomer generation to the younger Gen Z. Here are some nifty facts about each generation’s social media use:

  • 93% of baby boomers open Facebook daily, spending 11+ hours a week on it
  • 80% of Gen X have Facebook and Twitter accounts; they spend more time on social media than millennials
  • 70% of millennials prefer Facebook over YouTube
  • Gen Z prefer Instagram over Facebook and Snapchat

Aside from being a tool for users in connecting with loved ones and being a platform where they can share their thoughts, social media can also be utilized by organizations to reach an audience. This infographic featuring crucial social media statistics can help businesses understand their target audience and leverage social media to communicate with them effectively.


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