Every public business should maintain a professional image in its physical appearance. Prospective customers often judge a book by its cover, so to speak, and are likelier to do business with an attractive building than one that appears neglected or poorly maintained. Here are four tips for projecting a professional appearance.

Exterior Cleanliness

No matter the company building size, it can and should be kept clean through annual pressure washing, window cleaning, and debris removal. Sidewalks and parking areas should be weed-free and kept in serviceable condition, with cracks periodically repaired. The parking lot may need occasional resealing, depending on the type of surface it is.

Curb Appeal

At a glance during a drive-by or for customers’ first visits, the building should be inviting and attractive. Seasonal potted plants add a decorative touch. Window blinds, if any, should be kept open or closed uniformly, and broken blinds should be replaced. Visitors appreciate seeing a neat and well-kept parking area as well as walkways to the building. The overall effect should be polished. Anti-graffiti paint helps to deter defacing of exterior walls, fencing, and ancillary structures, such as stairs and porticos. A brick building can be sandblasted if it becomes dusty or sooty from pollution.

Well Maintained Facilities

The entrance needs to be aesthetically appealing, with clean doors, updated signage, tidy flooring, and a fragrant odor. Indoor or outdoor trash cans and recycling containers should not overflow or impede foot traffic. Reception areas and waiting areas can offer tasteful décor to make guests or customers feel welcome. Wall hangings, floral arrangements, and reading material or informational signs need to be neat and functional rather than overbearing. Even the mailbox, if visible, can be updated and kept clean to project a positive image.


Outdoor tables, chairs, or displays ought to be stylish and in good working order. Avoid displaying anything that has chipped or scratched paint or rust. Indoor furniture is expected to be clean, comfortable, and suitable to the business. A small company that boasts expensive furniture may seem to be operating over its budget, which can be alarming to some customers. Conversely, a large organize with cheap furnishings may cause visitors to question whether the company’s money is being managed effectively. The overall image should suggest quality without being ostentatious.

Maintaining a business structure does not have to be expensive or time consuming. Thoughtful planning, a methodical approach, and a low-cost budget can do wonders to keep the company looking its best.



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