In today’s increasingly competitive business world, establishing and maintaining a good relationship with business partners and clients are the key to success. But while the internet and mobile technology have definitely made it easier for companies to find potential business partners and stay engaged with their affiliates, nothing beats the old style of networking face-to-face.

That is why despite the presence of social networking platforms such as LinkedIn and accessibility of video calling and chat apps, many companies these days still prefer sending a representative to conduct their corporate affairs. In fact, a recent survey states that the business travel spend growth is set to rise above 6% in 2018, indicating that there is an increase in organizations that think traveling for business is still an investment-worthy endeavor nowadays.

But while traveling for business is not all new, many novices and even seasoned travelers still fall for some costly mistakes which not only compromise the overall result of their trip but their own safety and well-being as well.

If you are about to embark on a business trip soon, then you need to know the common pitfalls you need to avoid to ensure the overall success of your journey. To learn these mistakes, here are the key takeaways of the infographic from Hyryde.

  1. Booking a flight last minute.
  2. Not having travel insurance and protection.
  3. Not having a clear travel expense policy. 
  4. Not collecting travel reward points.
  5. Not booking a chauffeured ground transport.

To learn more about the top five business travel mistakes and ways to avoid them, check out the infographic below.




















































































































































Reza Choudhury runs an international chauffeur company that helps facilities managers, travel managers, event managers, executives assistants, c-level executives and office managers, arrive at their destination on-time and stress-free. He does this by providing an app & online platform that allows users to schedule multiple bookings while watching chauffeur’s arrive in real-time. His passion is spending time with his family and playing table tennis. Visit HYRYDE to know him more.