A business with good brand management strategy can take off way past its contemporaries and increase profits using social media marketing trends that match your audience and budget.

Most marketers will certainly focus on local targeting but they will affect your business either way. Here are some of the social media marketing trends that may come through in 2018!

Artificial Intelligence Dependency

While AI is not entirely new, its relevance in the social media marketing scene has steadily grown this year. In fact, 57% of social media marketers already use AI in their campaigns. It is set to exceed to grow tremendously in the next two years.

Live Video and Viewership Reach

The popularity of live videos on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat will continue to soar in 2018. While it is not a new concept, it will grow exponentially and its usage in influencing and engagement reach will be significant next year. People love watching videos and that is a fact. 80% of the users like watching clips than reading a post. Facebook has also divulged that live videos get thrice more exposure than any other media in their platform.

Live videos can be used to provide a sneak peek for an event or a product reveal, do a sales pitch, introduce your followers to your clients or promote exclusive sales to your audience.

Mobile Video Consumption

The rise of video marketing was apparent in the past year but with its synergy with mobile technology, we will see the ascension of mobile video consumption. Thus, websites should be mobile-friendly. It is expected that mobile video consumption will increase by 25% so planning a revolutionary mobile video social media marketing strategy would be an awesome kickoff this year

Get ready for everything mobile as it is the most popular method to surf the internet. In 2017 alone, 70% of searches are done in mobile devices – it is expected that the remaining 30% will follow through.

Customer Experience Marketing / Reviews

Digital word of mouth and reviews of products and services will get its traction in 2018. The best part is there are various media platforms that can be used for these reviews. Focusing on customer experience is vital as it reflects the image of your company to your entire audience. It exposes the perception of the customers of your brand from the experience they had with you.

Loyal customers can be acquired if the primary focus on customer marketing experience is done. Maintaining good reputation in social media through positive reviews will surely give you the advantage over similar services and competitors with bad reviews.

Content Marketing Resurgence

In 2017, content marketing may have taken a step back but it is a social media marketing constant that will be there eternally. Quality content is important because 70% of the people said they would more likely be interested in a company learning about it from an article than just an ad.

2018 is the year to get even more creative with video content, graphics, and blog posts! Sell your business well with eye-candy content filled with quality information.

The Emergence of Voice Search

It is projected that in three year’s time, 50% of searches will be voice enabled. Voice search optimization tends to use long-tail keywords and conversational phrases that people are likely to blurt out. Content marketing will make it quicker and easier for voice search.

TV Advertising in a New Light

The rise of Netflix and Hulu have changed the way people watch shows. TV streaming produced shows have been winning awards and now people can watch with their mobile devices. There is more to come in 2018 now that Facebook, Youtube, and Amazon have their own TV series now. The future of TV advertising will also change as it migrates to the digital world.

Generation Z

Strategic social media will be the best chance to reach the target audience. With the changes in algorithms and updates in social media, businesses must be equipped with the weapons to fight for social presence.

Marketing in 2018 will center on the Generation Z. Get started now in order to stay on top. The foundations of your marketing in 2018 will be the pillars for the marketing you will do in the next two decades as one generation spans 20 years at least. 

Brand Trust and Transparency

The name of the game in the coming years is genuine and sincerity. Transparency and trust are very important for consumers. Everyone reads reviews and they search your pages and profiles. The internet is a big stalking world where they would know everything they can possibly know before coming to your business.

People leave their feedback and the internet has caught up by adding extra verification layer. More and more methods to verify and prove transparency will open opportunities in 2018 and this will give you the chance to beef up your brand reputation. Always show human element that can easily relate your marketing methods to your audience.

Garret is the founder and CEO of Healthy Business Builder and through his company, remains dedicated as ever to use his training and real life business experience to meet his passion to see the business succeed through disciplined management, creative marketing and committed client service.