Having a business where clients come in to interact, purchase goods and explore options provides you with the opportunity to build rapport. Establishing a strong relationship does involve interpersonal skills, but it also means that you must create an environment in which your clients are comfortable and relaxed.

Offer Comfortable Seating

Whether clients will spend time in a waiting area or sit in your office, you must ensure that the chairs are pleasing. For example, Fit Small Business notes the importance of having chairs that both provide support and comfort. Keep in mind that a mix of armchairs and arm-less chairs is best. Some people need the arms for support, and others cannot fit into chairs with arms.

Control the Temperature

Ongaro And Sons suggests the importance of having an appropriate temperature in your office. Clients should not feel as though they have to stack on layers because the environment is freezing, nor should they be covered in sweat by the time of their appointments. If your clients seem uncomfortable, take a look at the number on the thermostat. Adjust it as needed.

Provide Proper Parking

When clients have to embark upon a prodigious journey from their car, they may soon start to seek other business options. While a stroll is enjoyable when the weather is pleasant, those benefits are negated by a rainstorm, a rushed schedule or an uncomfortable pair of shoes. If your business currently does not offer parking, scout out areas for lots. You could also consider offering complimentary valet parking.

Remember Safety

If your company is located in an area that has high crime rates, clients may worry about sitting in an unlocked office or walking through the parking lot. You could require clients to ring a bell to be let in so that they know others will have to do the same. Security cameras in parking lots can’t necessarily prevent crime from happening, but they can offer some level of security.

Fill the Waiting Time

Chances are that your clients may have a waiting period at least some of the times. While you want to make sure that you are seeing clients at the time of their appointment, you should also offer them ways to occupy themselves. Depending upon the nature of your business, you could put a television in the waiting room or spread out some magazines.

Comfortable and content clients are important. When your clients feel good, the transactions are likely to prove more successful.

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