Adam grew up in a family of engineers, so he understands that things should be thought through logically. But he wanted to be an artist, so he went to art school. He found that the “left-brain” thinking he had grown up with gave him a unique perspective on art and design. His “right-brain” teachers helped round him out so now he calls himself a “center-brain” type person. A creative, but logical thinker. He’s got a messy desk, but very organized client folders.

He graduated with a degree in Advertising Design in 2001. Thats where his love for commercial design really began. He likes simplifying complicated ideas with great design. He’s always been a shutterbug, but didn’t consider himself a professional photographer til about 2012 when he got certified by Google to shoot Street View inside Businesses. He’s dabbled in stock, portraits, weddings, and product photography. But he has a real passion for architectural photography. To him, a photo is more than a stand alone image, but a piece of a story that design can complete

He really likes helping entrepreneurs and small businesses look like they aren’t. Business owners who are passionate about their craft and who appreciate design are usually a good fit. Especially if a client has a great story to tell, he loves to help with that.

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