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Pleasant View Medical Care Facility – Caring for Life PSA

Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness – Crystal’s Story

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#BetterCallPaul LIVE 11-27-17

#BetterCallPaul -November 2017 Recap:

#BetterCallPaul on Business Rap: Facebook Marketing For Small Business Part 3

Guest Post: Simple Work Goals To Hit The Ground Running In 2018

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RideHomeReviews – This week: 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
Last week: Murder on the Orient Express
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Networking Made Easy: 8 Conversation Starters For Those Who Don’t KNow Where to Start

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Paul, was chosen to attend the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business

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Tuesday: Holiday Glitter and Applause – University Club 6-9PM

Thursday: Holiday Party and Member Mixer Ingham County Fairgrounds 5-8 PM

Friday: Red Nose Ruckus -Eagle Eye 6 – 10 PM

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– Facebook to Lift Longtime Ban on Pre-Roll Ads

– I Was a Virtual Reality Non-Believer:

– “Everybody Knew”: Inside the Fall of Today’s Matt Lauer:

Question of the Week:
From Pastor David Ellingson of Paddle Pilgrim: What is the best GoPro Camera for Kayaking?